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5NL FR: 77, flop quads, max value?

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  • 5NL FR: 77, flop quads, max value?

    First off, new to the forum and i love the work you boys do! Alright so heres my hand... one part of my game that i feel i struggle in is getting max value when i know i have the best hand... so i just was hoping to find out what the best line to take here was and also just for future reference what odds do you need to be getting pre flop in order to call hoping to hit a set ( or quads in this case ) Again love the work, keep it up Floppy

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    Personally, I would raise UTG rather than limping, I think limping UTG is bad in most circumstances as it makes our hand look weak which, when we see a flop, and dont hit a set, it usually will be. If we raise UTG then we can represent a lot more.

    As for post flop, did you know anything about the other people in the hand?

    If you know that villain 5 is aggressive and will bet/bet/bet then I think the line you took here is fine. You have position so you can see what he does first before making your decisions.

    I dont think raising on the turn accomplishes too much unless villain 5 has a K or 55.

    I would have raised river too and the annoying part is that villain probably had nothing and couldnt call a raise. So I think you played it pretty well.


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      Yeah defiantly, I'm generally very tight in early position just purely because i hate play out of position... but just at these stakes i find myself limping any low pair really trying to hit a set and if i miss just fold to any aggression, is that a bad habit to get into?

      and i only hand around 20 hands on everyone at the table so no real useful info.

      cheers for the feedback as well, much appreciated!


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        Hi McFloppyNuts, and welcome to PSO

        I agree with bhoylegend. I'm not a fan of open limping into pots. I think when we raise we have more options OTF besides set mining. Specifically cbetting dry flops. ex. We open 77 UTG and get called; flop: A29r we can bet 1/2 to 2/3 pot and expect to get enough folds from hands that have equity against us such as KQ and show a profit as opposed to limp/calling and x/f flops. Whenever we are the aggressor and have initiative in the hand we have better leverage.

        We flop a set 1 every 9 times; so we need to have 9x the bet in implied odds. Meaning if villain bets 1$ then we need to be able to win atleast 9$ from them which means if they have 5$ remaining in their stack then set mining is not profitable ands its usually best to fold. I personally use a higher requirement when I set mine because imo setmining is overrated mostly because we are not certain to get action as villain will only hit a pair OTF 30% of the time. I go for 15x the bet when I am IP and 20x when I'm OOP.

        The way the hand played out, we have a monster hand and I want to try to get as much money into the pot. Calling and checking are not lines to take to build a pot. Betting and raising however are. So, I would elect to raise the flop (not too big - something like 2.3x-2.5x) to keep more hands in opponents range in. We can get called by FDs, SD and gutshots and pocketpairs and also maybe overs with draws etc. By raising we can also represent a draw and might get more action from pocket pairs. I just ran into a similar hand today, take a look to see how raising the flop worked for me:



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