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2nl 6max Zoom, another tough spot

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  • 2nl 6max Zoom, another tough spot

    no reads what would you do here?

  • #2
    CBet larger on the flop ($0.16 would be good here). When he raises, i'd just call and start check calling on most board runouts. We have blockers to the top two sets ( he'd most likely raise QQ and KK pre too ) so the only value hand that beats us is 44 which is an extremely narrow range.

    He could also c/r this flop with something like JcTc which we are ahead of. There are some opponents that you can comfortably shove the flop raise here though.


    • #3
      We can call flop and get the money in on a brick turn card, but it would put us on a tough spot if turn brought the J of clubs for instance.
      Excluding sets, we have the nuts at the moment, so let me sum it up with three words:
      I'm all in!


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        Hi Espada,

        Like birdayy [& GP] says... I would cbet larger as we want to charge f/ & s/draws a premium for seeing another card. I would tend to make it a pot size bet though OTF & shove if faced with a 3bet. If Villain calls... I would be shoving OTT [assuming f/ & s/draws miss].

        Good luck

        BR Tony [aka Prodigy237]


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          +1 for raising umbup:


          • #6
            ... and yes, bet flop bigger


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              Have to agree with the above. If he has 444 then good for him.



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