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KT on CO NL16

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  • KT on CO NL16

    Hello, V2 26/21/2(227) , WWSF 44(18/42),WTSD 37(15/41),W$SD 60(9/15), FCB14, FTCB0,FRCB0,check/raise 50(1/2). It's not a big sample. So OTR he represents just a couple of hands , QT and slow played QQ, I think any Qx would just call OTR,and 33-44 would raise OTT, but c/r river looks so terrific How would you evaluate his hand range? Is there a call OTR?
    Last edited by Shichi-77; Mon Sep 02, 2013, 01:27 PM.

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    Yeap his check/raise seems very strong though I would add to his range TA, TJ, T9, T8, T7, missed straight draws and missed flush draws.
    I don't know why he wouldn't donk bet his strong hands on the river, so with that in mind I would be inclined in calling there.
    Or I am just a calling station, not sure.


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      Hi Shichi, I think we can probably discount QQ as would expect Villain to 3bet pre-flop [99% of the time] & not sure too many Villain's would choose to slow play sets i.e. 44, 33 at this level; instead I would expect x/r OTT not OTR. I think it is more likely Villain is on AQ, KQ may be QJ & as GP says Tx hands; either way you're getting just under 3:1 to call & lots of SD value... so I would look him up & call. Good luck BR Tony [aka Prodigy237] umbup:
      Last edited by Prodigy237; Mon Sep 02, 2013, 03:17 PM.


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        Hi Schichi

        I'm inclined to call the river given we have made our raise small they could have called us preflop wider.
        I'm not sure why you made a discounted raise from the CO; I personally would stick to 3x from the CO because I don't want to invite the BTN in with position with a cheaper bet.

        I think sets should be raising if not the flop then the turn because there are plenty of draws by the turn. QQ is unlikely as they would 3bet preflop. QT would also raise turn I think. So OTR we are basically ahead of JT,T9,T8s but only behind AT; Although weak Tx might just call which might put us against AT but then again maybe we can include bluffs in his range since we might expect Tx to lead the river and not risk losing value when they check and we check back. But also draws missed by the river so they might check to induce a bluff from missed draws.
        I call and if they have AT, then oh well...


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          Great hand ranging It seems easy call to every one He played busted draw that way and had KJo thanks



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