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2nl 6max Zoom, tough spot with str8

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  • 2nl 6max Zoom, tough spot with str8

    no reads. what do i do now? fold or shove? (i think calling is the worst option)

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    Hi Espada,

    Villain donk bets OTF; calls your 3bet & bets out 1/2 of his remaining stack OTT, so is pot committed & shows no signs of folding. Not sure he's doing that with anything other than made flush, so I think this is an easy fold (IMHO).

    BR Tony [aka Prodigy237]


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      Guys like this can donk with flush draws, so when he leads for close to pot OTT it's pretty consistent with a made flush.

      Thing is, if we call the turn he has so little behind that we pretty much have to call river.

      So in summary, if you decide to call turn, you can't fold river (assuming a 4th diamond doesn't hit). It's quite villain dependent, but I would just fold OTT. Better straights also come in and we are drawing dead vs his value leading range.


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        Hi Espada_Nu.4! I agree with the others here. Preflop is standard. I also like raising the flop as you did. You have the nuts at the moment, but many cards can ruin your hand. I think you sized your bet a bit too big though. 3-bets are normally 3x the original raise, but a standard raise is normally slightly more than 2 x. Here the villain bet 12c putting 26c in the pot. I would have raised 25c or 26c, but not more than the pot. On the turn, the is bad for us. Any flush draw just got there and now K10 just made the nut straight giving us the "idiot end" of the straight. As the others pointed out, if we call the turn we better be prepaired to call another bet on the river. Without a very strong read, we need to give the villain credit for having a real hand here. He might have two pair, a set or a few other random hands that we are beating. But, without actually having seen him overplay a second best hand on a wet board like this, I would fold on the turn rather than pay the villain off. GL and have fun at the tables! Roland GTX



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