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NLHE 0.01/0.02 table

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  • NLHE 0.01/0.02 table

    this is a hand am doubtful about .i want to know how cud i hav played it diffrently

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    Always bet that turn, since you are giving away a free card.
    As played I would probably shove on his turn bet.
    On the river I don't believe he is ever bluffing, but we are getting good odds.
    So make your life easier by betting the turn.
    Last edited by GamblingProp; Sun Sep 01, 2013, 08:45 PM.


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      I don't think their is anything wrong with pre flop play or bet on the flop. Why did you check the turn? I would prefare to bet the turn 60% pot and then the river half pot bet sometime I'll close my eyes and call and sometimes I will fold.


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        yeah i sud hav bet big to make him fold then again i think he was chasing for a straight wud he fold ?


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          I'd often just fold pre-flop. A9s doesn't flop very well, so I'm not keen on opening with it in this position, as you'll usually be OOP post-flop.
          As played, you got one of the better flops for A9s and c-betting this board is standard. When you hit the ace on the turn, you gain showdown value and will often be ahead. If you were in position, then checking back for pot control would be OK, but OOP I much prefer betting. Even if you're behind, you have 9 outs to the nuts, but you're often ahead and can get called by QJ and KJ, as well as worse flush draws. With a real hand and a draw to the nuts, betting for value is good. It would also make the river easier to play.
          When you take a passive line OOP, you can induce bluffs, but can't tell if they are bluffs. The river card is terrible for you, as every pair + draw combo got there. KJ and KT made two pairs, KQ (which had an OESD on the flop) made the nuts. QJ also made the straight. I would just check-fold here. Nothing worse calls if you lead the river, and villain probably won't bluff if he just has a pair. The half pot bet looks like two pairs or a queen to me. If villain is capable of turning a missed flush draw into a bluff, then nice hand, I fold.
          Bracelet Winner


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            thanks arty. i dont know why i played that hand . hav to work on starting hands
            Last edited by sunil786; Sun Sep 01, 2013, 09:35 PM.



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