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5NL Zoom (6 max) KK Vs Btn facing 3bet OTT on paired board

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  • 5NL Zoom (6 max) KK Vs Btn facing 3bet OTT on paired board

    Background My stats: VPIP 15.57; PFR 11.53; 3bet 3.06; CB 87.50; BB 183; Steal% 23.44; FCB 50.00; F3bet 33.33 [Hands 256] No information on Villain BB 132 [Hand 5] Pre-flop Standard pre-flop R. Villain called from the Btn. Flop: I opted to make a pot size cbet OTF to protect my hand Vs f/ & s/draws. Villain called. Turn: I was a little concerned that the board paired as AJ would be in Villain's range on the Btn, so opted to Cbet 1/2 pot. Villain made a small raise. I opted to call the 2bet & re-evaluate OTR. River: Not a great card OTR. At this stage, I decided I would x/c [& fold to a shove]. Villain made a small bet relative to the pot. I decided I was getting 4:1 to call & had approx. 40% equity against a fairly tight range (55+ A8s+ AT+), so it was an easy +EV call. Questions: 1). Do you agree with the way I played the hand / bet sizing? 2). Do you agree with my analysis? 3). What would you do differently (if anything)? Welcome your comments / feedback? BR Tony [aka Prodigy237]umbup:
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    Hi Prodigy,

    I think we have a typical Baluga theorem here; The baluga theorem states that if you are getting raised on the turn then a one pair is no good.

    I think we should be folding to a raise OTT; We now have two pair Kings and Jacks but we are losing to trips and full houses and we have little chance to improve OTR and at risk of another bet.


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      Hi George, Thank you for your evaluation. I am aware of the Baluga Theorem, but is it not possible that the Villain would raise weaker TP hands in the same situation e.g. 99; TT as they would discount me holding a J... & maybe Villain deemed my 1/2 pot bet OTT as weak? Granted he could also be raising with AJ; KJ; QJ; 88 or 44, but then again I would have expected a larger bet OTR? Had Villain shoved OTR or made it 3/4 pot... I think I would have no option, but to x/f. Here's how the hand played out. BR Tony [aka Prodigy237] P.S. I might have taken a slightly different line had I not been so deep.
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