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Is anyone else losing there stack here?

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  • Is anyone else losing there stack here?

    So i decided last night after all this studying of poker i been doing the last month that i would put in a session at 10nl and lost a $8 stack in a multi way pot and was wondering would anyone play it differently to the way i did or if they would slow down or fold at any point in the hand.

    No reads on anyone or stats.

    So UTG opened for 3x and the SB flatted and i called in the BB with pocket 55.

    Flop was

    Jc 7d 5h

    pot was 90c

    I check UTG bets 30c SB calls and i raised it up to $1.20 pot $4 .50

    Turn came 7h i bet half pot $6.75
    UTG calls and SB calls pot $11.25

    River is Ad and i move all in

    UTG calls and SB folds. UTG flips over JJ.

    So i noticed one thing about this hand after it happened and realized im not applying anything ive learnt post flop at no point in this hand did i stop and think what did my opponents have, i just went ahead and bet bet bet.

    After looking at this hand now i figure i played it pretty standard apart from not caring about what villains held but i cant help but notice that UTG bet 1/3rd of the pot and now it looks to me like he was trying to get action unless he bets small when he has 89s here and he wants to make his hand cheaply.

    Im just lost with this hand now because im not sure what players at 10nl will call with on the turn even though i made my bet smaller to get worse to call, i expect gutters to fold the paired turn but what would they do with an over pair and TP on the turn.

    I would fold TP but i don't even know what im doing with an over pair here now if i was the player UTG but then again i would of bet bigger on the flop. Anyway should i check the river because QQ KK fold a river shove, AA made top boat JJ isn't folding 44 definitely isn't folding and the only hand im now getting value from is AJ.
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    Check-raise flop, bet turn, shove river is completely standard. I can't see any way that you don't go broke here. Your line is printing money against a range of AJ/KJ/QQ/KK, and occasionally villain will show up with even worse. If villain has one of the 6 combos of AA or JJ or the 1 combo of 77, it's basically a cooler. I hope you made a note that he bet really small as the PFR with top set, and then slowplayed it.
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      So you dont think KK QQ and KJ fold a river shove? I know i can get that to work at 2nl but im not sure how good they are at 10nl, i know a few of them were 3 betting my steals alot without any notes or stats and i was getting raised a ton on dry flops when i bet top pair.

      I dont know im sure this is a cooler as we both flopped sets but i know i dont get to the river with KK QQ KJ or AJ if i was the one calling a raise on the flop unless it was a 3bet pot.I just felt i got out played a few times on other flops and i know im not applying alot of stuff i learnt. Back to studying i think then il grind 5nl.



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