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2NL Zoom 6max - AA v completed flush on turn

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  • 2NL Zoom 6max - AA v completed flush on turn

    Only got 2 hands on the villain playing 50/50/0 not that it means anything over 2 hands. What would be the best way to play this hand? Was the shove on the turn a good play? and also should I play the hand differently if I don't hold a heart? Thanks for any advice and feedback P.s first attempt to get my hand to show in the replayer. Fingers crossed I've done it right

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    Hi Mikey,

    OOP I would 3bet to 3x + 1bb; So I would make it 0.32$-0.34$ to account for the limper also
    We don't have any information on our opponent so I would make a guess about his 3bet calling range to be:
    { JJ-77, AQ, AJs-ATs, KQs-T9s, KJs, KTs, QTs } - QQ+, AK would 4bet us preflop I assume

    OTF, I think TT would raise us so his calling range would be JJ, Tx, maybe 99-77, and all his FDs.

    So OTT against {JJ, 99-77, ATs-JTs, T9s, KhQh, KhJh, QhJh} we have 82% equity
    Now lets look how betting will manipulate his range:
    When we bet we get called by:
    . Flushes: 3 combos
    . Sets: 3 combos
    . Overpair: 6 combos
    . Weak pairs + FD: 6 combos (99-88 with a heart)
    . Maybe AT/KT: 5 combos
    They will continue with 23 combos from the 38 combos that saw turn
    Against that range we still have 75% equity; without the Ah our equity drops to 55% - so betting the rest should be +EV either way

    If we think that betting the turn will fold his Tx and 99/88 and JJ that does not have a heart then our equity drops way down to 45% with AhAc and to 22% with AdAc; so the line that we take OTT depends on our opponent and how light they would call which makes x/c a better option to keep his entire range by the river.


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      Yeah I think c/c would be a better option now I've had time for the hand to sink. If I was stacking off anyway I suppose it would be better to give the guy a chance to hang himself representing the flush with the hands that I would fold out by shoving. Thanks for your reply, I need to start using pokerstove etc more and thinking hands in more depth like you have here. Thanks again umbup:



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