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Backdoor full house would you 4 bet jam call or fold the river

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  • Backdoor full house would you 4 bet jam call or fold the river

    player 4 hands = 346 vpip = 17 pfp = 11 flop c bet = 43 this is a tough spot making full house on the river but only the 4th nuts did he slow play the flop with KK or 66 did he not c bet with KJ do we have the same hand i dont ever think this is a flush i can here garethC23 words dont call when a split is the best outcome over to you

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    I think this is a tough spot. Looking at their stats they aren't some wild player but at the same time if he has KJ,KK or 4 of a kind I think he would jam here after you re-raised on the river. You have shown real strength why leave value behind knowing that most with a jack will pay you off. Did you call?


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      I will let you all now when i get a few more replys


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        Hi XXXX,

        Kind of a loose call with AJo vs UTG imo. Villain is playing 17/11; That's pretty tight for 6max and they are UTG. Our hand does not fair that well post flop against their UTG range.
        { 22+, AJ+, ATs, KQ, KJs, QJs }

        I might have taken a stab at the flop after they check. They have a low cbet% so might be a case of a fit or fold opponent, but then checking back is not too bad either although I would be more inclined to check back with AQ than AJ just because we have SD value against AJ when we hold AQ.

        Easy call OTT, River is tricky. I think I would disregard flushes from his range because those would cbet the flop.
        By the river they will have: { KK, 66, AJ, KQ, KJs, QJs } Raising will get folds from KQ and they will call/raise with KK/66/AJ/KJ/QJs: We win against QJs: 1 combo, Spit with: AJ: 3 combos, Lose to: KK/66/KJ 5 combos. Also we lose to rake when we do split with AJ so raising the river was a mistake as we are losing to more combos.

        We now have 18% equity against their river raising range and the pot odds call for 29% equity. Probably need to be folding but YUK!


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          I am just calling his river 3bet, this is clearly either a chop or valueownage if you 4bet.
          If he has 6x whch I highly doubt about it, he will fold to your 4bet.
          Also geovarta we are splitting vs QJ not winning.


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            You are right GamblingProp umbup: More reason not to raise the river
            Last edited by geoVARTA; Sat Aug 31, 2013, 02:52 PM.


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              I did make the call Wow did not see a total bluff none of his sats are out of line Did he jest see this as a good bluff spot because it is inpossible to call without a very strong hand ?



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