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5NL 6-max AJs - xflixx

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  • 5NL 6-max AJs - xflixx

    Hi, villain that raises is playing 20/17/5 AF=2.8 F3B=33% over 158 hands. The other villain is playing 30/20/15 AF=3 over just 21 hands What could be the lines taken on this hand ? Thanks umbup:

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    c/f OTF, . I might raise if his stat Fold to Raise Cbet is 65% or greater. as played , raising cbet I understand as bluff and bet OTT would be better than check , board is wet and sometimes he may fold TP.


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      Hi fp_boss,

      I think this should be a x/c; we have MP with a gutshot st8 draw and an overcard. Against an UTG opening range of { AA-22, AK-AJ, ATs, KQ, KJs, QJs } we are even money. I'd call here and try to see a cheap SD unimproved. x/r does not achieve much here, we bloat the pot with a marginal holding and we get called by better hands and always fold hands that we already beat.


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        If it was me I would of flat PF. Then c/c the flop and when I didn't improve try and check it down and see a cheap showdown. K9s UTG is a bit loose so at least you can adjust your range on him in future. I would still flat PF as if he calls 3bets light then your still going find it hard to play the hand oop with what is a dominated hand allot of the time



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