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  • 3bet stats

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between the 3bet stat and 3bet range stat? I can't seem to find anything on it any where but ive seen people using on vids.

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    I've not seen the 3-bet range stat in HEM, but maybe it exists in PT4.
    With HEM, the 4-bet range stat exists, and it's apparently calculated by multiplying total 4-bet% by PFR.
    It works like this:
    Imagine two players, a nit playing 10/5 with a total 4-bet of 20%, and a LAG playing 30/20, and also with a total 4-bet of 20%. Both 4-bet 20% of the time they have the opportunity to do so, but their ranges are different.
    The nit is only raising 5% of hands in total, so his range is already strong. If he gets 3-bet, he 4-bets with 20% of his raising range, so his 4-bet range is 20% of 5% = 1% = KK+.
    The LAG raises 20% of hands in total, so his range is relatively weaker. If he gets 3-bet, he'll 4-bet with 20% of his PFR range. 20% of 20% = 4% = JJ+/AQ+
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      Hmm i can see how you would need that stat now if someone 4 bets you so how would you need that stat with 3bet, is that saying that if i raise 17% of hands with a 3bet of 4% that my 3bet range is not 4% but however you just calculated that 4bet range or don't you need that range stat for 3bet?

      It probably don't really matter because if someones 3bet stat is high you know there 3 betting light anyway and even if there 3 bet was 10% its not gonna be the top 10% of hands i was just wondering why this guy needs such accuracy with a 3bet stat and range stat because they were two completely different numbers.


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        I'm not convinced that a 3-bet range stat is useful, if indeed it exists in PT4. The reason being that you have a 3-betting opportunity on almost every hand (other than when you're UTG). If you 3-bet 10% of the time, you're doing it with 10% of hands, not 10% of whatever your PFR is.
        4-betting opportunities come up much less often, so it's very possible to have a 4-bet% that is ironically much higher than your 3-bet%.

        If you just want to know if someone is 3-betting light, then just the fact they have a high 3-bet% is a good indication. While there are certainly players who (mistakenly) 3-bet the top 10% of hands (including 99, AQ etc), most of the good players have a polarized 3-betting range, which is often more weighted to bluffs (A5s, 33 etc) because they call with medium strength hands like 99, AQs.
        If someone's total 3-bet percentage is only 3%, then there is no room for bluffs in that range. They will have QQ+/AK almost always.
        In short, the higher the higher the 3-bet%, the higher the likelihood that villain is 3-betting as a (semi-)bluff.
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          Ok cool that cleared that up cheers.


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            PT4 does have a range for it. was looking at it for one opp that I was playing against two days ago.

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