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AQo out of position facing aggression

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  • AQo out of position facing aggression

    I am BB CO is 23/23/0 in 43 hands BTN is 100/38/9 very small sample, no showdown seen yet CO opens and BTN flats I did not relish the thought of playing AQ out of position against 2 players but thought this would be an nice squeeze spot. CO had not seen me 3bet much so hopefully I could take the pot preflop or at least the isolate the maniac. I 3bet to 4 times the open, CO folded but BTN called. I thought the flop was great TQT, but there were a bunch of draws in villain's range so I made my CB just under 60% pot. villain minraises me my questions are: Is the squeeze OK and what should the bet size be? how often does villain minraise there to induce me to shove into his trips or better? P.S.: Funny thing happened. Just by writing this post I have made this hand clearer in my mind. I still would like to see an analysis to confirm things.

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    I think it's always fine to squeeze if you believe the first villain is raising loosely since the second villain will be even looser the majority of the times.
    Also squeezing size is ok.
    Now on the flop I am betting less, like 30-40% of the pot since it's a paired board and we want to get value from worse than a pair.
    The minraise is opponent relevant, since some villains might minraise with KJ, Qx, and some only with Tx.
    But from villain's loose preflop image I put him on Tx everyday there and I am folding to his minraise.


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      Hi Tweedle,

      Is the squeeze OK and what should the bet size be?
      I think flatting or 3-betting are both valid options here. If 3-betting your sizing is ok normally, but I would go a bit bigger personally in this spot as that will serve to better accomplish your goals... squeezing V3 out to isolate on the guy playing every hand, and gain extra value from that guy in the process.

      how often does villain minraise there to induce me to shove into his trips or better?
      32.197% of the time.

      lol no seriously, anyone's guess is as good as mine. We have no read on the guy except that he seems to be crazy loose. With a low stack to pot ratio of just over 3, my plan is to commit if we hit top pair against this villain. And despite the min raise, with a villain who is crazy loose and irrational, I would still stack it off here and take my chances.
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        Same as Dave. Knowing that he is calling anyway then I would raise a little bigger. All he is seeing is fold, check, call & bet/raise he isn't looking how big the raise is. On the flop even though a ten is in his range so is KJ QJ 22+ or even any 2 lol. I think I'm stacking off 100bbs here against this villain type. If he has the 10 then good for him.


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          BTN is 100/38/9, with such stats if he raises he has TX 90% of the time, there's no draws OTF. He might put you on AK and might over play 22-99 sence there's no A or K on the board,but I don't think it will be too often. maybe just to call his raise is better option?
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