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FR 2nl Zoom, AA...bad play?

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  • FR 2nl Zoom, AA...bad play?

    no reads on villains should i have bet the turn? i was worried that someone might have JJ, plus the flush got there also, i think i should have bet bigger OTF
    Last edited by Espada_Nu.4; Tue Aug 27, 2013, 10:15 PM.

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    3-bet it bigger pre.
    You should not play AA passive on wet boards especially OOP, your strategy here is bet-fold. I think your bet on flop was small, 'cause lower SC or one-gappers mostly are out their range but and you will still get called by worse PP and hands like KQ/AT+(and pretty much all of their range) on this kinda low coordinated board.
    You're definitely nott checking OTT even though the flush hits, you bet and fold to a raise. You should get value from hands like QJ and naked clubs.


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      Hi Espada,

      Preflop sizing of 3x his open is fine imo. I would continuation bet bigger than half the pot on the flop though, as I would expect randoms at 2nl to not be able to fold A8, 99, TT ever on this board, so we can go for larger value before something like a K comes off and scares them. Probably about .45c imo. I also agree on not checking the turn, we offer both a free card to a single club, and don't really know what to do if V9 bets after we check. Did he make a flush? Have JJ or a smaller set? AQo with the ace of clubs? TT and thinks he's good? We have no idea. I think betting about .75c and folding to a shove by either player is better here. In general with no reads but the expectation of opponents not being very strong, bet/fold is usually a better line in spots like this imo.
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        I would b/f the turn and river unless a 4th club came.

        I think we are missing value OTT though by checking. A lot of the villains range will check when an overcard comes to the board, or check and take a free card with a straight or flush draw. We should be protecting against these.



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