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FR 2nl Zoom, QQ on Axx flop-3bet pot

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  • FR 2nl Zoom, QQ on Axx flop-3bet pot

    what is the line here? check or bet? if i bet and he calls, do i check back the turn? (non Q turn) what is the line with KK and JJ?

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    Its hard to say without any reads/stats.

    In general, its a wet A-high board, a very bad one for pocket queens. I'll chose bet-fold strategy, definitely not checking I don't want to give any freecards to the villian.
    The question is how much should we bet. I don't like betting small here, no need to expose our weakness plus he give A-rag hands a big chance to live. I would bet there ~2/3 of the pot and will fold to a raise.

    I think both bet and check back could be good decisions but everything depends on the came card. If it's any diamond or K/A- I'm checking back. If it's a blank-I'm betting, folding to the raise.


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      Hi Espada,

      As Kemmio said, with more reads or stats we can make a better decision on which line to take.
      It's also good if you can give us your range assumptions and thought process when you post hands to engage better discussion

      I would think an average/weak player would 4bet by AA/KK/AK and call with JJ-99, AQ, AJs/ATs, KQs-T9s
      The flop will give our opponent 32% TP hands and 32% PP below TP (JJ/TT) ; 8% sets, 8% MP (T9), and 20% no made hand) When we bet we are going to get called by his TP+ and sometimes by JJ. If we check back we keep in his entire range in which case we could probably call a turn bet and fold to a river bet. If we know that our opponent is likely to call with JJ/TT OTF then we can bet the flop for value and check back turn unimproved.
      With KK the situation looks similar but with JJ I'm more inclined to bet because their would be more chance for them to have QQ and checking back flop and calling a turn bet might not be very favorable.



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