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2 tough spots with kk deep stacked

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  • 2 tough spots with kk deep stacked

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    this hand been bothering me for some time player 5 hands = 5 vpip = 0 pfr = 0 i have this player colour marked as a mass multi tabling 12+ have not used this colour in over 6 mouths so hes a reg on standard tables but noes not play zoom often i did not five bet because i did not want to stack off this deep if he jamed on the flop he bet almost pot and had a bad gut feeling i have bean i this spot a few times before and end up losing a huge pot with one pair if i call the flop all the stacks will be going in on a non ace turn deciding factor i was up about 15 stack for the day and can afford to lose 27bb but dont want to lose 346bb so should i follow my gut feeling or should i be stacking off? 2 nd hand player 6 hands = 5 vpip = 80 prf = 80 3 bet = 66.7 player 3 hands = 13 vpip = 69 pfr = 38 3 bet = 20 player 4 hands = 120 vpip = 22 pfr = 13 3 bet = 5.1 when i see the 4 bet jam i am ready to snap it off buy the time it gets back to me i dont no what to do player 6 look like a friday night drunk my range for him ace rag + mid PP player 3 looks fishy dont no what range a fish can flat a 4 bet jam player 4 looks ok so have to put him on QQ+ and AK look like i have to call 30%ish of pot {31%} so i think is a call but still a tough spot in poker stove i gave player 3 + 4 QQ+ and ak i gave player 6 A2-A9 and 44-99 and got 36.7% so its looks + ev deciding factor for me lose 2 stacks to win 4

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    Hi XXXX,

    Your first hand does not load. I get an error: No data found. Please repost Hand#1 in a new thread.

    We need 30% equity to make that call with the money in the pot; If we just give a range of QQ+/AK to all three villains we all have 25%; add in JJ to two players then we are right to call. Obviously this is an extreme scenario and we can never expect how crazy these players would get all in; So just to point out that even with the extreme scenario of QQ+/AK we are not that behind on our equity so we are snap calling this ofcourse and expect to win atleast 30% of the time by SD.


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      i geo thanks for takeing a look i dont now why hand 1 is not working for you i jest pressed play and it works fine but here it is agian


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        Hi XXXX, I'm not an expert in deepstack play but I think calling is fine (I'm not sure about 5betting and stacking off pre deep with KK). I suppose folding the flop is too early, we can call once and reevaluate the action OTT.
        If you're not comfortable playing deep, I suggest you leave seat and join another table after you reach 150bb or 200bb - that's what I usually do

        I suggest you repost this hand in a new thread for someone with better experience in deep stack situations to evaluate.

        GL at the tables!


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          deep in $.01/$.02

          How much did you bring to the table and how much of your stack is profit? Are you afraid of losing with KK? I'm sorry but at $.01/$.02 with KK you are getting those chips in. If he has AA or worse yet sucks out then I suggest you don't play $.01/$.02 so deep. In other words keep to the 200 buy ins rule. When you build a stack or rather when you double then leave and come back with the proper stack.


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            it is not about the money i play 5nl and 10nl and have bankroll to play 25 nl even shots at 50 nl
            i like to play deep at 2 nl to learn from big mistakes at low levels
            witch sometimes means finding the fold button when something does not feel right
            i have played over 500k hands at 2nl and i have had the same gut feeling many times and called off and get shown a better hand

            i think i need to learn to find the fold button more not less
            the fold was more about pot commitment point
            at 100 bb deep i am stacking of 99% of the time at any level

            at 346 bb deep i think the stack off range changes
            there is only one hand i am stacking of pre flop
            and i thick you need 2 pair+ post flop to get all in
            Last edited by I AM XXXX; Tue Aug 27, 2013, 04:07 PM.


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              You can't really ask for a better flop if you decide to flat pre in the 2nd hand. Our range looks really capped (AK, QQ, JJ, TT) because most players would 5b KK and AA.

              I think we should just call down (at least OTF), and start considering folding on later streets depending on the cards.



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