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FR 2nl Zoom, how to proceed...

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  • FR 2nl Zoom, how to proceed...

    no reads should i have shoved OTF? if he had a set or 2 pairs, i think he woud raise bigger. its probably something like A9 with the A of d.

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    I think you raised small on pre. Raise bigger, make it look as a blind stealing, if you get reraised just 4-bet and shove.
    Its hard to judge without stats/reads but if we take for a note that the game is on 2nl and the bet sizing OTT, I think he's most likely bluffing by representing a flush or trips.
    If he had flush then he's not betting OTT, most likely he x/r you.
    If he had trips, he's never overbetting the turn.

    I would shove here, tbh, if he calls I would at least have a read on him.


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      Hi Espada,

      Raising 2.5x OTB is generally to adapt your stealing with the preflop aggression of the level you play. Basically when we raise less than 3x it is because we have regulars in the blinds who are active re-stealers or 3bet maniacs and we can get away from 3bets cheaper and in the same time keep up the preflop aggression IP. At 2nl, I think the reasons to open 2.5x is much less effective since we are generally facing weak competition who are less aggressive preflop and call light to see flops. I'd stick with 3x from LP and maybe 3.5x from EP to get value from our opponents weak ranges and their poor postflop ability.

      I kind of disagree with Kemmio about shoving because when we do we are always getting called by better and folding out worse. Looking at our relative hand strength, we just have One Pair on a paired board with a flush. And the min-raise OTF is also kind of scary as opposed to a bigger raise, but when they over bet the turn I would discount nut flushes from their range because I would assume they would bet smaller to get called. So I think his range would constitute of 50% TP hands protecting from a naked diamond in our hand 25% TP+FD, 10% 3 of a kind 7xd, and 15% Weak/Medium flush. Given that information, there are 69 worse combos and 19 better combos raising turn would also probably fold out most of the worse hands and we get snapped by the better hands. So I think we could probably call one more and check back the river or fold to a river bet.


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        I would agree about the impracticality of my shove recommendation. Yeah its a bad board for bullets, I think I mainly judged on the fact that some time ago when I was on 2nl there were lots of maniacs with monkey bluffs-over betting on the wet boards.



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