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FR 2NL Zoom, should i have fold the river 2?

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  • FR 2NL Zoom, should i have fold the river 2?

    no reads on villain. Based on his preflop and postflop actions, would you put him on AK? I was thinking he has Kx or 22

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    Hi Espada,

    With so many players entering the pot, you obviously have great odds to go set-mining. The flop is about as dry as it can get, but this is a spot where I would donk out, because the pre-flop raiser is unlikely to bet into so many players unless he has KK+ or AK. You can get action from 22 and Kx, and want to start building a pot. As played, it's checked to the button, and he makes a bet of close to the size of the pot. Since the baord is dry, I think just calling is OK, as raising essentially turns your hand face up as a set. Villain's check back on the K turn is very odd. If he's ranging you, he might realise his trips are no good, but he might also be making a bizarre slowplay, thinking he's well ahead with AK/KQ. Leading the river is standard, as you can definitely be called by KQ-KT, but I wouldn't rule out AK entirely. With so many callers pre-flop, villain might have decided that flatting with AK was best, as the initial raiser was UTG, and a 3-bet would have to be very large to thin the field. (Bloating the pot with ace high multiway is never much fun).
    I think the river decision is close. Villain is clearly shoving for value (he thinks he has the best hand), but we don't know if he has the effective nuts, or if he's overplaying KQ. If villain was on the tight/passive side, I think I can get away, but readless I think I'd call.
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