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2NL FR, KQs from the button, possible flush hit turn, villain shoves

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  • 2NL FR, KQs from the button, possible flush hit turn, villain shoves

    Folding the shove was the correct play? My judge my passive play during the hand really bad after rewatching it.

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    Do you have any stats/read on your opponent? I think having the stakes level his UTG 3BB bet range is quite wide. Some 99+ pocket pairs, SC, A9s+.

    He bets half of the pot. Board is kinda wet. This usually indicates a semi-bluff, according to the read we have on him, most likely a flush draw.

    He bets very small. This indicates that he didn't like the turn card. There are various reasons e.g. it gives 1 more flush draw, it closes 2-6 st8, but whats the most important is that he thinks you have the best hand right now, possibly the top pair according to your flop call.

    Qc. He shoves in. He has the flush. You fold.

    Now what about play. I personally don't like raising UTG with KQs, unless I have reads/stats on the opponent so I think the call was ok. You should have raised his bet OTF giving him wrong odds to call and defending your TPDK. When he made that tiny bet on turn you must have punished him for that with a big raise. You had some nice chances of wining this pot if you played more aggressive.


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      Hi John,

      Assuming villain's EP opening range of 11% to be: { 22+, AJ+, KQ, KJs/QJs }

      Preflop call: OK
      Flop call: OK - no need to raise flop since we will get called by better and fold a lot worse

      OTT Villain will usually bet { AA, KK, 66, 44, 22, AK, KQ, KJs, AcQc, AcJc, AsJs, QcJc } but their bet sizing indicates a weak holding or a draw so we discount the strong hands that should bet big for value and protect from draws which leaves us with FDs, QQ/JJ, and KJs. So I think the turn could go both ways: raise here (not too big) to get value from draws or call.

      OTR I think we have a fold even though we make two pair, I think they made the flush with their fishy line.



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