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2nl Cash Games - Suited Connectors

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  • 2nl Cash Games - Suited Connectors

    Hi Guys, Suited Connectors Full sample size 8,207 hands Total number of hands playing suited connectors (range 32s - JTs, A2s) is 224 hands. Net won USD -$2.34 or -52bb/100 Currently in the negative with suited connectors - although not by a great deal I don't think. However, based on this information that I have provided, do you think I need to re-evaluate how I play these bad boys, or do you think that I don't have a big enough sample size at the moment The biggest pot that I have lost ($2.00 has the biggest weighting) was with A2s and that when I made the nut flush on the turn It went like this below: Do you guys think this was a cooler situation, or you think I could have played this hand better, anyone see this coming? Guys I think I see the mistake, and I think it happens on the turn. Should have raised it up for a start. And I think may be able to get called by worse, e.g. 2 pair, straights, lower flushes!!! Cheers, pullin
    Last edited by pullin1988; Fri Aug 23, 2013, 12:46 PM.

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    Definitely not a cooler, you should have raised turn.
    If not just call river, if you raise you aren't getting called by much worse, but a lower flush.
    And even if you decide to raise and 2 players before you reraise all in, you should snap fold.
    I think you are overestimating nut flush on paired boards.


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      Cheers Gamblingprop thats what I needed. I need other players to tell me when I am overestimating certain situations. I see exactly what you mean. I will get there in the end.




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        Hi pullin1988!

        I agree with GamblingProp on the hand you posted. Raise the turn. Raising the river just gets you value owned. You might get called by a worse flush, but most likely you are only getting called by boats. In general, any time the board pairs, be aware that your straight or flush may not be the best hand.

        Also, you listed 32s. I would suggest folding these small sc in most spots (32s, 43s and perhaps 45s). They just don't win enough. Part of the reason is that you will often be drawing to the low end of a straight and you will always be drawing to the lowest flush. thus you risk losing some big pots with the second best hand.

        Also, look at the position you are playing your sc from. For example calling from ep or the sb with these hands will often be a mistake. At 2NL I tend to avoid a lot of marginal spots and just focus on the good spots. I try to stick to the following list of criteria for playing suited connectors. (I do try to follow these guidelines whether Im on 2NL or 50NL. They may seem nitty, but they work for me.)

        1. Only play real suited connectors! This means folding 108s or similar gappers.
        2. You and the villain(s) need to have deep stacks. This gives you the necessary implied odds. Normally we have to fold on the flop. So, we need to be able to win a big pot the times we make our str or flush.
        3. Only call from late position. If utg makes a 3bb raise and you are utg+1 with 89s, folding is usually best because there is too much of a chance that someone will 3-bet forcing us to fold.
        4. Only call from the blinds when at least two villains are already in the pot. Calling from the blinds is a leak for most players. Only do it when we have a very good reason to do so and compelling implied odds.
        5. Only call if you expect see the flop cheaply. You need 20:1 implied odds to call with sc. This means that we should rarely be calling 3-bets or overly large pf raises.

        Be careful about chasing if the bettor is giving you poor odds. I don't chase with gutshot draws. Nor with straight draws on a flush draw board of the wrong color.

        Don't overvalue these speculative hands if you pair the board. Say you have A2s and flop an A. You have some showdown value, but try to keep the pot under control. Hands like this usually win us a small pot (everyone folds because they don't have an A) or loses us a big one (the caller has us out kicked).

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX


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          I'd raise to isolate the limpers preflop in position but calling also has it's merits (cheap price to see a flop with a nut possible hand).

          Calling flop is fine because we want more people in the pot to maximise getting paid off when we make our flush.

          On the turn we should be raising with our flush. I'd probably make it $0.40 once he bets so small.

          On the river the pot will be ~$1.50 and we will have ~$1.50 behind (assuming we have 2 callers). You could bet/fold around $0.65, but at 2nl i'd probably just shove to get max value from a K. In this case we would be beat, but I think overall it's most +EV to be shoving the river.

          As played (calling the turn), I think raise/folding is best on the river. When you raise to $0.60, we get value from trips and 2 pairs, white gathering information on the villain's hand strength. When he comes over the top on a paired board he never has worse, so it's a fold.

          gl at the tables.
          Last edited by birdayy; Fri Aug 23, 2013, 02:30 PM.


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            Cheers guys I really appreciate all your advce

            Roland GTX: In fact I don't play 32, 43, etc. I don't really know why I put these in the range.
            Also when playing suited connectors I always do the implied odd calculate 20:1 implied odds.
            I have played suited connectors in earlier positions which I have stopped doing (only recently though), so getting there. I have played the so called T8s gappers which looks as though to be more of a leak, and I think I do mostly overestimate the so called strong hands that I make e.g. flushes.

            Birdayy thanks for advice on the possible line I should have taken.





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