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2NL, QQ, any other options?

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  • 2NL, QQ, any other options?

    Hi, I'm just curious to see if there was any other way of playing this hand. Why someone would call with 5/3 after a re-raise is beyond me! Would you say this is a case of bad luck? Thanks, TobyBear18

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    Pretty much no way I could ever not lose my stack on this hand either.

    Look at what happens here: raise,you 3-bet for 3x,and the SB calls,as does the original raiser. Now the SB is the player who should be playing the absolute TIGHTEST range of hands here,since after the flop they lose position and are in the worst spot position wise. Really if it were me and I have a hand I want to go with here as the SB,with the depth of money here (you having only $0.69 left behind and the opener having a buck) I'm just 4-bet shoving as the SB.

    And I sure as Hell ain't doing that with 53s. My range as the SB with this action would be AA/KK,with maybe QQ/JJ and AK hands mixed in on player specific spots (strong information on folding to 3-bet tendencies of the opener and knowing I'm ahead of most of your range...that would be what I look for as the SB...). That's really all I would be looking to play with an EP raise and then a 3-bet in front and I'm the SB.

    So it's really difficult to ever put the SB player here on having any hand with 5's and/or 3's involved in any way. Playing weak pairs like 55 and 33 here as the SB is never going to be profitable,same with any A or K type hand (A5s;A5o...and so on).

    Just mark the player as a stone fish who will play any two suited cards and move on. You can count on them being the type who is never folding any Ax hands as well,so if you're up against them again with a hand like QQ and they're in the pot and an Ace boards---watch out,they probably are gonna have it. Good thing is that they're also the type who will play a hand like A6o and call your value bets all the way to showdown if a 6 hits. Just have to take your lumps on the occasions when they do get lucky and remember---if that never happened they wouldn't continue to do dumb things at the table and might actually try to improve. So think of the beats as an investment of sorts.

    Such is life at 2NL,but want to be playing for stacks with players like this as much as possible. Dummies like this are your targets as they're the ones who will pay you off the most.


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      "Would you say this is a case of bad luck?" Absolutely! Well played! Better luck next time! umbup:


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        Played fine given the stacks. Buy in for full next time



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