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2NL FR, AdAh, flop Qs 5s 3s, villain bets the pot

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  • 2NL FR, AdAh, flop Qs 5s 3s, villain bets the pot

    The villain raises, I 3-bet and I get called. The flop 3 spades, and I have no spade in hand. He might have had QQ, KK, SC or any suited KQ, KJ, QJ. Is my read right?

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    Hi JohnPryce,

    I think this is a premature fold. The odds that someone flops a flush is 117:1 - and a flopped flush would probably have x/r the flop unless they are sitting on a weak made flush like 87s, 98s, T9s assuming they call with those hands vs a 3bet OOP. QQ would probably x/r the flop, KK would have 4bet preflop. So the bulk of his range will be TP type hands and/or FD. AsQ, KsQ, QJs, AsJ, or weak flushes: JsTs, Ts9s, 9s8s, 8s7s. Against that range we have 63% equity so I'd go ahead and shove over the donk bet and pray we hold


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      Agreed with geo. He only has $1 behind so with the money already in the pot we should be shoving. I assume geo's ranging is correct, so we have a lot more equity than you believe.



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