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25NL FR Zoom: speculating with low sc

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  • 25NL FR Zoom: speculating with low sc

    This hand is from 25NL FR Zoom played without my HUD. I used to fold smallish sc in 3-bet pf spots like this, but after seeing xflixx play a similar hand, I wanted to test opening my calling range. Here, the 3-bet is only 6bb since the initial raise was only 2bb. I am in position and didn't expect the origianl raiser to 4-bet. So, this seemed like a good spot to call. I got the flop I wanted, but then I lost my way. I realized that I was a bit afraid to play my strong draw aggressively. I was concerned about getting check-raised on the flop and inflating the pot before I had a stronger hand. On the turn and river, I was concerned that only a better flush would give me action if I were to raise. By calling pf, I created a postflop situation I didn't really know how to handle. Also, are you willing to stack off with a non-nut flush in this spot? Thanks for your input! Roland GTX

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    If you are calling preflop with that hand, that flop has to be one of the best you can get.
    Betting flop seems standard to me.
    But on the turn it's hard to raise with 2 players behind us, so I don't blame you for not doing it.
    I would minraise river going for value vs top pair, sets, because I think shoving would look like a polarized range containing AcX or the nut, 2nd flush.


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      like you mentioned it looks like a scared hand probably due to the fact that this spot is new to you.

      I would bet flop once checked around to us, since our hand has decent to great equity vs any holecards but is quite vulnerable to overcards which should be plenty around in this 3-bet fourway pot.

      OTT I would raised his small bet to 6.50 and folded to a shove since our hand is vulnerable again now vs high clubs and a weirdly played set (the raiser should not have a set of 22 after his preflop cold call of the 3bet and he should have bet other sets OTF). We want to make those pay and they should not shove over our very strong looking raise so we can play pretty much perfect OTT with a raise/fold imo.

      Not sure about the river, we underrepresanted our hand on any street postflop so we might be able to raise for value here, but on the other hand there are now more drawing possibilities like OTT.


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        Hey Greg,

        although I'm no fullring expert I do think that your preflop call is too loose in that spot. The problem is although it's only a minraise you are not closing the action preflop so you're not even guaranteed a flop.

        Your hand might perform well against a range of tight and strong pairs/broadway hands but you are also risking to get yourself into some possible multiway overflush situations.

        As played I would definitely turn up the aggression at some point in the hand, probably on the flop where your equity will be biggest and no one seems to really have anything - start applying pressure and utilize position.

        OTR I would valuejam, you may look bluffy to the opponent and I'm pretty sure nobody has a flush here very often given the betting lines.
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