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Made a Note on this Guy

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  • Made a Note on this Guy

    What note should I take on this opponent?

    All I could think of to type in notes was.

    'Probably hates my guts'

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    Originally posted by EdinFreeMan View Post
    What note should I take on this opponent?


    10NLz / call btn 88 flop top set no raise slow play


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      I think his line is fairly standard, although I'd personally raise the flop most of the time, so maybe this guy is a perrenial slowplayer. "Overbet shove-raises river with eff nuts" might be worth noting, but it's hard to know what villain was thinking. Because you checked the turn, your hand looks like KK/QQ (and not AK/AA) so he's not often getting called by worse.
      I'm sure he hates you though. He might have written "slowplays top set" for you too.
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        Hi Arty,

        Even if the villain is thinking and we have another note "10NLz / call btn AKs no 3b". If we x/r turn are they even thinking how strong that is? Value town vs tptk draws.

        Sometimes I give up on what they are thinking I am thinking in micros. Didn't take a note on this one just my yellow label wtfish the loose shove is so wrong.
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          Slowplays flopped set would be the only note I'd take. It's not stellar info since a lot of players do this, but it's useful to know none the less, when he does raise in similar spots in the future you can remove monsters from his range, so he's raising 1 pair to "see where he's at" and draws as a semi-bluff. If you see through more observation he tends to flat A8/99/TT in these spots, then you can weight his flop raising range in these spots heavily to draws.

          Don't check/call the turn imo! The ace is a perfect barreling card for our non-strong hands, so we'll get less credit betting again on the turn sometimes, and his flop calling range (in addition to a once in a while flopped set slowplay) is basically pairs and flush draws... get more money in now from the flush draw before he misses. Even if we had a read that villain was very aggro and attacks perceived weakness, betting is better... once we check-raise it looks very strong, but if we bet on the smaller side it looks like we're following through but hate the ace, and we'll induce raises from that opponent type.
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            I think his line was standard seen as you didn't give him the option to raise the turn, i might note his bet sizing but here i think is pointless because you checked the turn so he might of made a half pot bet to get a call from more hands.

            I would be more likely to take a note on how you played it though checked called a turned set and donked half pot on the river. My only problem with note taking now i think is they seem to long to me.



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