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NL5 JcQc four a kind flop slow play

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  • NL5 JcQc four a kind flop slow play

    Here is a hand that i recently played, i think my standard raise pre-flop was bad from this position with JcQc, but to my luck 3 queens showed up on the flop, now do you think i was right to slow play this hand, since i knew the villains didn't have anything, or should have i played more aggressively ?

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    Many players will disagree with me here, but this is a spot where I always bet the flop. You have quads and can only lose to a runnner-runner straight flush, but I would bet out for value, primarily because villains will never give you credit for four of a kind. Since you were the pre-flop raiser, you are expected to make a continuation bet. You can also get called by worse, especially as it's multiway. Anyone holding a pocket pair flopped a full house, and Zeebo theorem states that "no one folds a boat, whatever bet size you choose". If you bet the flop and get called, you can then check the turn. This line will look like you were making a standard c-bet (with AK, for example) and then gave up when you got called. A villain in position will likely bet the turn, and you can call. On the river, I would often lead for a huge overbet, as this will look like a bluff, and will get called by hands like 99 and anything that made a boat (7x and 8x on this board). Since you seldom flop such a big hand, you should try and get paid the maximum when you do. Slowplaying to allow villains to "catch up" misses a whole street of value.
    On the few occasions that I've flopped quads and fast-played, I've won a stack from a full house every single time. I therefore think you missed a lot of value by checking the flop and betting so small on the turn.

    Hope this helps!

    Bracelet Winner


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      thanks for the feedbeck



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