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25NL: FOlded my set on river

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  • 25NL: FOlded my set on river

    Opponent was 24/13(59 hands) I didn't know what to make of his all-in shove on river?

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    Hi carlk,

    Great question.

    My first observation empty seat not zoom 6-max and then P2 is a bit shorter in chips. No problem with your sb 55 call more than 30:1 on the short btn to set mine. In a different life I may have 3b at 25NL lol.

    I can't work it out. I'm not donking that flop, P2 checks behind. Wow a nice turn i'm betting that and a call?

    And I like your river bet. Did you have a plan to bet fold? I'm in two minds am I being bluffed? Your stats on P2 is a small sample but after a 5K sample it may look 50/10?

    Loose passive, the villain has it? Fold and I hate being bluffed.
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      Hi again Carl,

      Tuff one!

      ForrestFive points out a good observation about 3betting or folding 55 B v Steal; The reason is that when we set mine we are usually hoping to get stacks when we hit our set and to get paid off we need our opponent to have a tight range to be able to stack off with overpairs, TPTK, etc. Against steal positions and being OOP without initiative we will be x/f most of the time and the time we make a set we will unlikely get stacks because steal ranges will be wide that miss a lot and cannot give action with weak pair holdings and on 25nl it also gets harder to call in the SB because we will get squeezed more often. Calling is not too bad anyways, but just some considerations to think about

      I'll try to work this one backgrounds; when villain shoves he is telling us he has a strong hand (or so he thinks) now what are the hands that beat us: KK,JJ,TT,AQ,Q9, and all the flushes. Are any of these hands checking the flop? If we think they would check back with AQ then we need to include AK in his range and basically his MP or TPwk fearing a x/r. When we get to the river I think we will be looking at { AQ, KJ, KT, AhTh } it seems to me that he is overplaying his hands or attempting some crazy bluff to get us off our Jx because his line really does not make too much sense to rep a strong hand. Against that range we are even money so I'm inclined to make a crying call. If he did that with a hand like 8h7h.. then oh well..


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        by the way, I think we might have taken a x/c line OTR too just because villain's range will be weak to call or we could induce a bluff from them and we wouldn't have to worry about getting raised.



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