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25NL : AQs OOP

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  • 25NL : AQs OOP

    PokerStars Hand #102878745104: Hold'em No Limit (£0.10/£0.25 GBP) - 2013/08/17 16:08:01 ET
    Table 'Ioannisiani V' 6-max Seat #2 is the button
    Seat 1: mupsik84 (£27.72 in chips)
    Seat 2: jostermd (£26 in chips)
    Seat 3: carlk73 (£28.11 in chips)
    Seat 4: IRiverBluff (£25 in chips)
    Seat 5: anaclaraaren (£25.70 in chips)
    Seat 6: Hi_loller24 (£40.11 in chips)
    carlk73: posts small blind £0.10
    IRiverBluff: posts big blind £0.25
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to carlk73 [Qc Ac]
    anaclaraaren: folds
    Hi_loller24: folds
    mupsik84: raises £0.50 to £0.75
    jostermd: folds
    carlk73: calls £0.65
    IRiverBluff: folds
    *** FLOP *** [3s Js 2h]
    carlk73: checks
    mupsik84: bets £1.25
    carlk73: calls £1.25
    *** TURN *** [3s Js 2h] [Ah]
    carlk73: checks
    mupsik84: bets £2.75
    carlk73: calls £2.75
    *** RIVER *** [3s Js 2h Ah] [Ks]
    carlk73: checks
    mupsik84: bets £4.75
    carlk73: folds

    CO 18/15, cbet 69%, agg 3.2

    Should I have called river bet?
    Last edited by carlk73; Sun Aug 18, 2013, 01:28 PM.

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    Hi carlk73, I don't know if its from my end or if there is something wrong with the hand replayer but I cannot see any bet amounts; could you try uploading again so that I can evaluate your hand?


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      ... keeping status open


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        I tried again but still no bet amounts. Strange. I've replaced with text.


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          Okay, text is fine.

          Preflop, I think calling or 3betting is fine depending on villain.
          If villain calls 3bets light then we can 3bet for value. If villain 4bets light we can 3bet and plan to shove. Otherwise calling is a good option to keep his weak hands in. Another consideration to take is the BB squeeze tendency.
          OTF, I think I would either x/f or x/r depending on how much villain folds to cbet raises. I think x/c-ing here with just Ace high is going to put us in a tough spot against an aggressive opponent.
          As played, I hardly think our one pair hand will win at SD with this board after 3 barrels so I'm folding.


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            Originally posted by carlk73 View Post
            I tried again but still no bet amounts. Strange. I've replaced with text.
            Hi Guys, The only thing that I can think of as to why the hand replayer isn't working right here is that the hand is in £GBP and not $USD but I'm not sure, I will look into it Raiser umbup:



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