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5NL flopped set against LAGgish villain, flop + river decisions

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  • 5NL flopped set against LAGgish villain, flop + river decisions

    Villain: 30/26/14.3 AF 2.3 (46 hands) Eventhough a small sample still pretty crazy stats I think. PF is standard. On the flop I hit my set and villain bets out. So here my first decision. Do we 3bet here? He is pretty aggressive, but I thought it would scare away a lot of missed hands. So I decided to call. The turn brings an ace and he bets out. Now I think I could be called by AT+, FDs, SDs, so I put in a raise and he just calls. He again bets out on the river and I decided to reraise him to get some more value fron Ax and 2pair type of hands and he shoved AI. Because of his stats and the pot odds I decided to call. So what was the optimal line in this hand or what it just inevitable to lose my whole stack in this hand?

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    Looks good to me, at no point would I be looking to fold this hand against this villain and I would be trying to get stacks in by the river.

    I think that the call on the flop is indeed better than raising since the board is still quite dry and we can let him barrel pretty comfortably on any turn. If it was a little big wetter I'd probably choose to raise more than flat (say there was flush draw out there or 2 to a straight).

    Turn raise is good, I wouldn't be flatting here very often since the board is getting wetter/villain will have a lot of hands that they will not fold that we want to get value from. Imo, I would raise the turn a bit bigger...doesn't have to be huge but it can be tricky to get stacks in on the river leaving that much behind and we lose value sometimes when a scarecard hits on the river that forces us to either call a donk lead or make the villain fold. Hope that helps...

    cliffs: Cooler but maybe raise a bit bigger on the turn.


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      No, what you probably should have done is to lose your stack faster.

      On the turn raise, had u betted a tiny bit more, like 1.70, you would have left 3.12 and pot 4.27 and money would have gone in easily on the river.


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        i think it is purely a bad beat. Couldn't fold set in cash game


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          Thanks guys for your comments. I'm still a bit clueless about overbetting the pot. On the turn the pot is about $1.5 after his bet. So I mostly use something like 75% or just a bit more. So I guess as he is showing interest in the pot I should just look at a figure to bet so we have less behind and would make us both more or less pot committed. I will try this my next sessions. Thx again!



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