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5NL KK OOP vs 4bet. Fold PF?

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  • 5NL KK OOP vs 4bet. Fold PF?

    Villain: 14/11/3 AF3.1 (900 hands) Villain 4bets me IP. There I started to worry. With a 3bet of 3 I think a 4bet must be pretty strong, however he is also pretty aggressive. So do we stack of PF or is this a fold? I hate folding KK PF and I'm actually never doing that, but that resulted in me calling which is maybe even a bigger mistake as I wondered what to do on the flop? Altough I could afcourse also hit my set. So what is in this case the best strategy. Fold PF or stack of? I think it didn't mather if I checked or bet the flop. I think in both cases I would play for stacks.

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    Being this deep I usually prefer to flat pre-flop a lot of the time in these spots. The reason being that we do put ourself in a bad spot when we get 4bet as we will kind of be handcuffed into calling (or folding) since we really can't get the money in comfortably against this villain being so deep. Once we flat oop, everything we do kinda sucks if we don't hit a set since we have to now decide if we want to check-call down (our hand is pretty face up and we won't beat the villain's value range very often-ie. they won't be 3 barelling with QQ/JJ much at all I would think) or expose ourself to be bluffed off of the hand.

    As played, I'd just c/fold that flop. If the villain had AA then obv we're screwed and even if they don't have AA, I would assume that a lot of the villain's 4-betting bluffing range includes Ax and I wouldn't expect them to fold to a donk lead.


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      Thanks for the tip about flatting big hands when playing so deep. I'm playing a lot 200-400bb deep so come cross these situations quite often. It was something I was struggling with a lot when playing this deep. It saved me some chips already umbup: One question though... Do we also flat AA in this case or do we just 3bet aces for value regardless of the stacksizes? How about 400bb deep? Do we call a shove at cash tables playing this deep with aces as we will at least get our money in good? I must say I would never fold aces preflop (only in some cases while playing a MTT), but just checking if I'm right.



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