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5NL JJ IP in 3bet pot. Turn/River decision?

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  • 5NL JJ IP in 3bet pot. Turn/River decision?

    PF is pretty standard I guess? I've no info about villain and I don't want to call a shove with my JJ against an unknown. The flop is a bit different. He checks after first 3betting me. So I think a big portion of his range could contain AK, AhX. I expected a rerais against AK so I bet on the small side in case he wanted to play check/raise and I could fold without investing too much. Instead he just called. As AhX is also in his range I didn't know what to do on the turn and river and decide to check back twice. Could we make an extra bet? I think not as I cannot think of any worse hand that would call us. Am I right?
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    Weird hand. PF is pretty standard to me when I'm readless...against fishy players I'm going to 4bet for value since the BB looks like they're donking around and we're going to have position even if they both come along.

    I actually prefer checking back this flop since I'd expect the SB to at least have a king here (and possibly better) as is often the case when a fishier opponent 3bets and then checks a K hi or A hi flop. I don't think a bet is necessarily bad though and is actually probably better against passive players (such as this one turned out to be). The problem with betting is just that we have to usually fold to a c/r and as I way saying, from experience I wouldn't expect the SB to be c/folding here very often.

    As played, I like a check back on the turn for pot-control/deception. I think we're likely only getting one more street of value anyways and again, facing a c/r sucks. The river has to be a bet though, we can expect to be called by worse for sure and have no reason to fear a bigger flush at this point.


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      Definitely a weird hand. I was just paralyzed by the fact that he just called the flop I agree with you that I should have bet the river, but do we bet/fold the river when we get jammed or is it just too likely that he is trapping us with the nuts?



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