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10NL 6-max zoom. I 3b my btn AKo to iso utg open and +1 over call - it gets worse..

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  • 10NL 6-max zoom. I 3b my btn AKo to iso utg open and +1 over call - it gets worse..


    Just a little shot at 10NL and I got a bit lost. Should this be going for stacks pre. First mistake?

    No reads on the utg 4x open or the +1 over call. It's my btn with AKo and 3b to hopefully isolate one player to be heads up.

    Then comes a utg 4b seems smallish, +1 folds, I was thinking should I shove or call to see the flop in position?

    Just so bad not realising the money I had behind and called the 4b and was happy to see K high flop and utg checked.

    I had slightly over a pot size bet behind and jammed it. Second mistake? Should I bet just under 1/2 pot to keep draws in and then get the rest in?

    What if i'm raised off it can I actually fold with what's invested?

    Good result for us utg was >lighter than expected< and we get paid. But that's not it. Two wrongs don't make it right.

    Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Aug 17, 2013, 07:35 AM.

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    Hi ForrestFive,

    Looks like when you did not shove over the 4bet you were not confident about the strength of your hand

    And you are right to think this way because the open is coming from UTG and against his continuation range of QQ+,AK we have 40% equity. But here's the thing, if you have trouble getting all in with a hand that you think is strong then best not 3bet with it.

    I think calling with AK IP and playing a multiway pot is perfectly fine because our hand dominates so much of their range when the flop comes A high or K high and by not 3betting it might be disguised to our opponents AQ, etc.

    If I were to 3bet, which I would, I would do it with the intention of getting it in preflop with 40% equity and the correct pot odds.
    I don't think flatting the 4bet "click-back" will do us too good since we have no room to maneuver post flop with just a PSB.

    GL at the tables!


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      Yeap I agree either shove preflop or don't 3bet.
      As played shoving flop seems like the best line.


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        Thanks guys,

        I would have gone with it pre. Just didn't work out how much the pot would be calling and what I had left behind. Bad to forget for a moment what stakes your playing thought I was deeper.

        Then after making that mistake what to do with a pot size bet. If in doubt shove.



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