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AKo in a 3bet pot

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  • AKo in a 3bet pot

    Hello, Villain VP14/PR10/F3B25(500). I assume that he's playing there 7.5% of hands right? Imo in a 3bet game hand rages a pretty narrow, board is dry there (and I'm not sure he would play draw agrressivly) and I thought that there aren't hands I'm ahead to, I'm splitting to AK and loosing to sets and AQ. so easy fold right?
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    Hi Shichi, Good fold! I'm folding TPTK here too with little to no chance to improve on later streets. Yes he is continuing with 7.5% of his range to 3bets. And I like the 4x 3bet since he is not folding to 3bets well. That's like: 77+, AJ+, KQs. I think they would be calling more when they are IP and less when they are OOP. I would also expect them to 4bet AA/KK/AK. So here they could be sitting on 55, QQ, AQ, sometimes AK. Without any other reads this sounds like a descent fold umbup:


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      Hello, Thanks for comment.
      What other reads may I use here?


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        Hi Schichi, basically x/r and bluff tendencies on A highs or flop cbet raises with gutshots/draws. I wouldn't worry too much about it tbh especially with just 500 hands on villain though.


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          Where do you get that 7.5% continuance range from?


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            Nevermind i can see how you get that range of hands now. Just a thought though that 7.5% range cant be even close to what hes actually got because i never seen nits call 3bets OOP with AJs and KQ.

            I would also be folding to this player on that flop as he can have AQ QQ and 55 here alot. Though with your sizing preflop even i wouldn't be calling OOP with half of that range so his raising range there just has us completely crushed.


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              He raises 10% of hands and folds to 3-bets 25% of the time. Ergo, he's continuing with 75% of 10% = 7.5%.

              I wouldn't trust this sample size, however. 500 hands is enough for VPIP/PFR to "converge", but he could quite easily have had QQ+/AK most of the times he got 3-bet. Most tag-regs are folding to 3-bets at least 50% of the time, if not more.
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