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floped full house 4 way

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  • floped full house 4 way

    is this to weak to fold on the flop

    ps pause after flop round and make up your mind before seeing the hand play out

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    If it was HU play I wouldn't fold OTF, but in 4 handed game it's clear fold for me, you don't have even 2 outs, after such action I think 66 doesn't have SV.


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      Hi I AM XXXX!

      Interesting hand! Preflop, you want to be careful about calling 3-bets out of position. Here though with the string of callers it makes for an excellent spot to set mine. Now, what range of hands can we put the 3 villains on? Big aces and pocket pairs seem most likely. You have pocket 6s which means there are more pocket pairs beating yours than those that you are beating.

      The flop looks great since you just got a boat. But, as you rightly noticed, it isn't a good flop for you for several reasons. Checking as you did is smart.

      Firstly, looking at our ranging above, it is quite likely that at least one of the villains has a pocket pair. Secondly, when the original 3-bettor leads and gets two calls we learn two things. 1. judging by stack sizes, all three of them are committed to this hand. Nobody is going to fold. This increases the chance that any overcard on the turn or river will improve any of the villains who have AK, AQ type hands. 2. The likelyhood that at least one of the villains has a better house than ours with a higher pocket pair also increases since all three seem to like this board.

      Good fold! Stick to spots where you can be confident that you are getting your money in good.

      Shichi-77: HU will depend a bit on our opponent read and our position. But, yeah it is not a clear fold anymore.

      GL at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        1) Almost 0% chance you are ahead
        2) You are drawing dead/sometimes to a chop when behind
        3) Even if you somehow are ahead your equity is very low

        Just because it was full house you folded does not mean it was a weak play. Just another example of how relative hand strength is much more important than the absolute hand strength. Sometimes even a very strong hand can turn into A high on certain boards and certain actions from your opponents. Good fold



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