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2NL FR, QQ trying to set a trap by calling raise pre-flop

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  • 2NL FR, QQ trying to set a trap by calling raise pre-flop

    I face a raise of 3BB from the CO, so I decided to try to set a trap by just calling, so I called and the SB 3bets to 4 times the raise. With this raise I put him with KK+ or AK. I just call hoping to see something good on the flop, and it happaned, I hit a set and the villain bets 40c, best spot for me, I raises to 3 times the bet and he shoves, a clear call. How did I play this hand? Thanks!

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    This is 2NL facing a late position raise. Not sure of the level of the "trap" play.

    1) You can call to include a wider range call from the blinds and be multi-way post flop -or-

    2) With specific reads you know your weaker "perceived" over call is being 3-bet squeezed from the blinds.

    Two scenarios which need a plan.

    What was your plan "if" the sb called and donked on an A or K high draw heavy flop? -or- facing a 3-bet

    Were you planing to 4-bet and stack off with QQ or back to (1) and include a wider range now in position in a 3-bet pot?

    The hand analysis people can do the good math on a "clear call" against AsKs or against a specific range (player dependant).

    I'm with you on the end call but would 3-bet pre flop at 2NL. And expect to be contradicted and proved wrong by at least one PSO reply.
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      Hi JohnPryce,

      Personally I don't really like flat calling with QQ here... I mean I might prefer it with the right reads, but no player reads are given at all. An example of a spot where I would flat the QQ... if the open raiser is a tight/nitty player, and one or both of the blinds are big fish, then QQ plays best against the opener's range by flatting in position, and the flat invites the fish to come along (and they are who we really want to play the pot against) while 3-betting just folds the fish out too much and folds out parts of the tight guy's range that we crush, like 99 and AJ, basically minimizing the value of a very profitable spot.

      But readless, I would prefer to just 3b and get HU in position vs the opener. We call, and the SB squeezes... I actually again think a back-raise 4b is in order as we will have induced some light squeezes here, although without reads calling is ok. You can't range him on only monsters (KK+ and AK) in this spot without any reads. Obviously we know after the fact that he does squeeze light since he turned over JTs, so now we have some very good reads on this villain going forward. He also seriously overplayed his hand/went nuts post flop, c-bet was fine but he should fold to your flop raise, instead he 3b jammed in a spot where both his fold equity and hand equity were very low.

      Actually, after seeing this hand go down, in the future I would like a flat with QQ here more, since we now have a good read that it might induce V2 to make some very serious equity mistakes.
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