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NL5FR Aks sb v bb cold 4bet

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  • NL5FR Aks sb v bb cold 4bet


    ok i was table selecting quite alot today and i had only just came onto this table and this happened.

    Villan cold 4 bet me but was very small, was from the UK and was only on one table. i think fish.

    so what would u do, 5 bet as im OOP, or call was ok?

    on flop i was gonna check raise, if i did would i carry on on the turn as it didnt really help my check raising range but i don think it helped the fish 4 betin range (maybe).i was gonn a check/call small bet on river.

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    Hi again UrGetinTaxed,

    I think this could go both ways depending on Villain. I don't suppose you are using any tracking software?
    A cold 4bet is usually a strong a hand, but our hand is also at the top of our range considering we are in re-steal position. But that's a very disturbing click from villain!!
    I mean he sizes it so small that I can't consider it as a bluff so I'd range him on top 3% JJ+, AK
    Against that range we have ~43% equity. If we 5bet shove we need to win 42% of the time so the odds are there.
    But given his raise sizing I think we could take a call line even though we are OOP just because we are suited and it adds to the playability of the hand.

    OTF we are now even money against JJ+, so yes x/shove would be a nice line we are flipping with pairs and we get folds from AK which we would otherwise split with. As played, I think you should go for a thin value bet OTR - something like 40% pot


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      by the way, if you were to x/r then you would need to x/shove because we capitalize on the equity only by seeing turn and river


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        thanks geo

        was thining along the same lines, wasnt sure wether to get value on river tho.



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