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nl5FR AA button v UTG limp

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  • nl5FR AA button v UTG limp


    prolly a very marginal spot here, but against the limper who i have marked as loose passive, would u go for the rest of his stack here on river, they seem to like their hand on turn? there are a cuple of hands that beat me.

    I was tought once never to go bust in limped pots. unless u have the nuts.

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    This was a typical loose-passive style draw playing for me. The fact that he float called you're 22BB bet puts him on quite a wide range which includes various types of connectors like JT, QJ,J9, Q10 etc.

    The turn came a complete blank and he continued check-calling.

    Yes I would gone for the rest of the stack here, just cause he was already pot committed he had like 1/4 of the pot left.


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      yeah i agree looking back i should def bet river


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        Hi UrGetinTaxed,

        Unlike your other hand you posted, now THIS is a wet board
        I'm definetly looking to bet larger OTF for value. Id hate to get raised though but Id probably call a raise and proceed cautiously OTT.

        The way the hand played out, we should be betting; though there are so many busted draws that will not call anyway but we have to target Kx hands and some Jx hands that figure you for a busted draw or something (highly unlikely given its a 3bet pot) but yes bet river for value.


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          yeah thanks geoVARTA

          i usually bet flop bigger on wet flops, i thought there was a good chance of getting check raised so bet smaller wich is probably mistake.

          not even sure why i posted this hand tbh, its an obvious bet on river, i think my problem is i have a phobia playing AA it alwasy seems to lose in these spots



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