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AA on a BB (slow play)

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  • AA on a BB (slow play)

    Hello, Decided to slow play AA there, because his F3b was 100 and it would see to scary 3 betting UTG's raise from BB. His VP16/PR14/3b10(78), didn't see him doing stupid things.C/R him for a value (I don't like my c/r sizing it's terrible , but it's done), of course I didn't think about folding there, but I thought that if I call and one spade comes all action will die. If I shove we are enough deepstack, but I'm ahead to his hand range ,to flop flush is so small chance, there might be sets but I might outdraw him. because of slow play he doesn't know strengths of my hand and might overplay his pairs but after such action I don't have FE . any comments are welcomed I deserved critic
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    I thing you should have played pre-flop more aggressively, cause you've got a monster hand and slowplaying aces is not good. But look's like a nuts(well almost nuts) for me most likely its KsJs(according to his 3-bet pre-flop) but I mean you should also have a stats on his post-flop aggression factor, cause if its high then he could be protecting his pocket QQ turning his hand into a bluff but I guess the flush is more likely to be here. Anyway, I think your fold was the best thing to do here having the pot odds and the fact that he would 3 barrel bet you.
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      Hi Shichi,

      I do think we should 3b pre. We could size it a tad smaller than normal so we don't put undue pressure on a tighter player who folds to 3-bets a lot... but the thing is given his play and position of UTG here, he's probably got a pretty strong range already, so we want to get more money in now as he should be able to call more action. Like we don't have to go a full 3x his bet to 1.44 here, we could make it something like 1.23 which gives him room to 4b sometimes too.

      As played, I like check-raising bigger here, maybe 2.20-2.40. Or check-call planning to lead on any non-spade turn card.

      And as played, I don't think we should fold to his flop 3b. It does look very strong, but he may well play some worse hands this way, in particular the other 2 aces, and KK with the Ks. And we have 11 outs against QQ to catch an ace or spade. Our equity against that range is actually about 65%:

      Board: Qs 4s 2s

      equity win tie pots won pots tied
      Hand 0: 64.675% 60.13% 04.55% 4167 315.00 { AhAs }
      Hand 1: 35.325% 30.78% 04.55% 2133 315.00 { AA, KcKs, KdKs, KhKs, QQ }

      We're such a good favorite here because his primary hands to do this, one we have 11 outs against so still 35% equity, and the other one we are destroying as he's drawing dead to 2 outs and we have redraws that make him draw stone dead. If he happens to be out of line with AQ or making an aggressive move with AxKs once in a while, that only adds to our equity as we're crushing all those hands. Since I think there's little chance he's bluffing and he can't get away from KxKs here, putting him all in isn't bad imo.
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        Yeah I don't hate anything with this hand, you can 3 bet pre, you can check-raise smaller or bigger on the flop.
        Though I think a check call is more appropriate on that spot and let him hang himself on the turn or river.


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          Thanks , I shoved OTF, he shoved 8s7s but I caught NF OTT. I made big mistake slow playing AA PF , I was just lucky in this spot.



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