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call or fold?

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  • call or fold?

    i am unsure about wether or not this should be a call or not,the turn improves my hand but with one card to come and the action i was clearly behind, call or fold? and are the odds correct to make the call? again here ,im calling the original reraise all day long, but when the player behind raises us both all in,his holding becomes fairly obvious, as this is a cash game and its possible to buy back in,should i make the call here? i know not to be results oriented,and i feel i made the correct choice,but an answer from someone with more cash game experience would be helpful. thnx in advance

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    H1: Fold to the flop cbet. We are pretty much drawing to runner runner (which happened, dont be results orientated) or a 5, which isn't good enough odds to call.

    H2: Against 2 short stacks i'm shoving over v1's shove. Obviously its very villain dependent though Also, you should have auto-topup on to 100bb when playing cash tables.
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      Hand 2. Villain1's pocket aces are just so obvious, cause of his 10-bet after a raise from MP and a re-raise from CO. Against aces your odds are 4:1 whilst pot odds are 1.25:1 but I think you don't need to calculate odds against AA while holding JJ. Fold is an obviously right decision here.

      Hand 1. Here you've got 6 outs, not 8, cause of the discounted outs. The fact that at least one of them had a flush draw was pretty obvious, cause of the postflop action. Pot odds on turn were 4.2 : 1 while you 6 outs gave you 5 : 1.So the fold was a right decision but as birdayy already said the best thing was to fold cbet on flop.


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        Hi milehigh, H1: Why do you min-open from EP? Is this your standard raise size? Easy call on the min 3bet preflop to set mine - we are getting good odds. When I am set mining especially multi-way I am looking to do exactly that so I'm check-folding everytime I miss. We have to call 0.9 to win 6.96. The pot odds are 0.9/6.96 = 13% and we will only hit a 5 OTT 4% of the time (2 outs x 2 to see the turn) which means we are not getting the right odds to call. So fold. Same goes for the turn. H2: Good fold; Against so much action our hand does not fair to be good anymore umbup:



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