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2NL Flush Turn Slowplay

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  • 2NL Flush Turn Slowplay

    Once again I'm here, I'd like to know how I did in this hand:

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    Hi John,

    I would lead out turn, if you still have the beginner habbit of slowplaying monsters, better get rid of it :-). Lots of draws that villain might have OTT that you can get value from.

    The river action is kind of weird, normally someone has a full house or at least the nut flush draw given that the action was bet / raise /reraise / rereraise all in on the river, but on the other hand it would be kind strange for villain to not bet any hand that has you beat on the turn. I think you overplayed your hand on the River and your villain hugely overplayed his hand on the river, but I guess that happens from times to times at NL2.

    All in all I would have liked a X/B/BC line (vs a standard sized riverraise of villain) in this hand, unless you know the villain is a decent reg and not very aggressive than a X/B/BF line might actually be better since he should not raise you with many worse hands on the river if he can understand the board texture and basic hand reading. If the villain would be holding a smaller flush than you he should have raised the turn to protect vs high cards of heart, but than what do we know what they think, its NL 2 :-).
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      i would bet the turn for value. the river reraise all in battle was kinda bad. he could easily have a full house there. good for you he went full retard with trips only. i think he ruled out the flush because of your turn check. glad it worked out for you in the end.


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        Hi JP! You got a good result at the end of this hand, but the line you took is not recommended. Slowplaying in general is a bad idea for two reasons. 1. It misses value. 2. You can run into tricky spots where you don't know where you're at, because you haven't narrowed villain's range. I recommend fast-playing hands as stong as full houses or even flopped quads, because it's the best way to get a full double up. In this hand, calling pre-flop is fine, even though you're out of position, as villain only made a minraise. He might have a fairly weak hand, like a medium pair, so hitting a king might be good for you. The flop comes a two-tone 952, giving you a flush draw and two overcards. If villain has something like AQ, he missed this flop. I would consider leading out with a donkbet, which would be a semi-bluff. Villain won't have hit this flop very often, so if you can get him to fold immediately, that's not a bad result, because you currently have king high. If villain calls then you still have plenty of outs. Having started building the pot with a bet on the flop, I'd continue to bet when I make the flush on the turn. My aim is to bet big, so that I can make a larger bet on the river in order to win a large pot or even a whole stack. As played, you check the flop and villain checks behind. It seems he missed, unless he's slowplaying a set (which would be a mistake as this flop has a couple of draws). On the turn, you make the flush, so you should definitely bet. Villain checked the flop, so he's unlikely to build the pot for you. You also want to get value if villain has the bare . Villain checks back the turn. You have the 2nd nuts and there is only 9c in the pot! This is a clear indication that you've missed value. The pot would be about 36c if you'd come out firing on the flop and turn. The river is a pretty bad card for you. If villain slowplayed a set, then he just made a boat. Trips seems unlikely, as any hand containing a 9 would usually bet the flop for value/protection. You finally make a pot-sized bet on the river, and villain makes a large raise. Now we have no idea where we're at. Does villain have a boat, the nut flush, a worse flush, trips, or a total bluff? Because there was no betting on the earlier streets, it's impossible to know. I think I would just call here, because if you raise again, you're unlikely to get called by worse hands. You re-raised and villain shoved all in, with a massive bet of more than 100bb. He's repping the absolute nuts here. I would expect him to have a full house or even quad nines just about always. At worst he should have the ace-high flush. You call and villain just has trips with a weak kicker. This is crazy! His hand doesn't beat anything that would stack off on the river. I would guess that your turn slowplay confused villain, so he couldn't put you on a flush, and made him think you were bluffing the river. That doesn't mean the slowplay was a good idea. If villain hadn't made trips and the river had been a blank deuce, the most you'd get out of his pair of nines is 9c. With a king-high flush, you should try and win a big pot, and to do that, you should start building the pot earlier on. I think I need to emphasise this. Slowplaying is not recommended at microstakes. Players that are fond of slowplaying are usually losing players. If you make a big hand, build a big pot! Hope this helps! Cheers, Arty
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