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NL 25 Zoom: how to play turn after x-raising light on flop?

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  • NL 25 Zoom: how to play turn after x-raising light on flop?

    Hi, only 87 hands on villain, he seems light a reg who is more on the tight and passive sight so far but he steals with about a third of his hands from CO and BTN so far. Preflop some regs will probably 3-bet AQo here, I did too. But I experimenting with calling that hand more, especially vs regs with high fold to threebets or high 4 bet stats (villain fourbet 2 out of 3 opportunities). OTF I chose to XR light with my gutshot, I think the situation is ok for that. But I am never sure if I should follow up on the turn if a brick comes like here. We are representing Tens, 55, K10, QJ and spadedraws as well as some light X-raises with gutshots mainly. So the turn card does not help our range but I dont like this XR and done approach. We cant represent any value hands anymore when we check to him and pretty much have to fold to any aggression, so I pretty much always follow my XR up with a turn bet. Not sure if thats smart though. I think my sizing was on the small side here, would have prefered 4 $. OTR we have to check imo the ten actually narrows our value range and he will probably not fold a made hand of any kind to a river bet here after how the hand played out. Once he bet I think we have to fold although he probably will have some missed draws in his range that we beat.

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    Pre is fine, as would 3-betting be depending on how you view such a reg's pre- and postflop tendencies.

    Not quite sure about the flop x/r, I think our bluffing/semibluffing range will be too wide if we include AQ without a backdoor spade so villain needs to fold a lot more either on flop or a later street to make this profitable (and usually people get sticky with their continuing range like Kx here or actually improve with outs or cards that look like good bluffing opportunities for you, e.g. spades).

    We should have enough equity to continue by x/c here so that's how I would proceed from the flop. We can have him barrel our outs and still use bluffing opportunites OTR if turn gets checked.
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