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2NL FR, JJ in CO, general feedback

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  • 2NL FR, JJ in CO, general feedback

    Hi. Need some general feedback on how I played this hand. Villain is 35/3, folds to c-bet 60% ( stats for 85 hands ) Cheers, DrJ

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    the pre flop raise if fine 3x + 1 for the limper

    the c bet is ok maybe could be a bit bigger charge the draw or weak one pair hands

    the check back on the turn is good most draws got the or made 2 pair or better 1 pair

    the river bet is bad

    why do we bet for value or as a bluff

    for value--- do we think a worse hand can call the next worse hand to jj is AT is this calling ?

    as a bluff----do we think a better hand will fold a str8 may fold? 1 pair hands should fold at 2 nl you not geting any small flush to fold

    you have a weak showdown value hand get it to showdown cheap check back river
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      Pre-flop is perfect.

      Flop is fine too. You're have an overpair and a gutshot on a wet board, so it's a clear value-bet. You could probably make it 15c to squeeze out a bit more value, but it's not a major problem. On the turn, the most obvious draw gets there (the flush) and it's an overcard to your pair, although you're now open-ended, so have some equity unless villain has the flush. Weaker hands that called on the flop won't like this card, so if you bet it, you're unlikely to get called by worse than your hand. Your hand has gone from being a hand with "fat value" to a hand with showdown value. You might be able to get another bet in on blank rivers, but with SDV, you should generally try and get to showdown as cheaply as possible. When you're in position, you can do this by checking behind. So your turn check is fine.
      The river is a horrible card for you. Although there's some truth to the advice that "four-flush boards are good to bluff", I find that 2NL players will look you up with even weak flushes or top pair. Since you have some showdown value, there's no need to turn your hand into a bluff, particularly as your bluff is unlikely to get many better hands to fold. You can check back and win quite often, but there's no point in betting, as nothing worse than JJ is calling.

      Hope this helps!

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