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why did i call river

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  • why did i call river

    only 21 hands on player
    vpip = 35
    pfr = 10
    af = 4 to small a sample

    when i got min raised on the turn put him on a str8
    but he gave me a good price for 10 outs 24% had to call 18%

    was going to fold river to the all in which was comeing

    but he bet less than half pot with only 15 bb left
    then started to think {always bad idea}
    is he doing this with some 2 pair hand jest made no sense why
    he did not shove with a str8
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    In a cash game. Bet what you think they will call.


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      Hi XXXX Sometimes you can call with your relative hand strength compared to a smaller set and 1 - 2 pair hands. First question though would be. What did the villain call a perceived strong utg raise with? Maybe small middling pocket pairs a big Ace. The stats look loose passive (I'm no expert on stats) and post flop aggression - they bet they have it? I put the opponent on 66 before seeing the showdown. Thinking if you both had sets you'd may be stacking off on the flop. So when the turn raise comes? It must be 66 you have nearly 5 : 1 on calling the raise to fill up or hit the case 8. Now we back track we are beat on the turn unless... against a smaller set that didn't go for it on the flop. umbup:


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        I like how you played up until the river. Your thought process and ranging fits with mine. When villain minraises the turn, he pretty much always has a straight. I doubt this villain is ranging you at all. He's min-raising the effective nuts because that's what bad players do. Since his turn raise says "I have a 6" (if not two of them), then your plan to try and boat up is fine. But you have to check-fold the river to anything but a minbet. Villain probably doesn't even know he has less than a pot-sized bet remaining. He's just betting half pot because that's his standard value-bet size. He's very unlikely to have two pairs or a set here, as he would usually have raised the flop with those. Your read is that he has a straight. A straight beats a set, so fold the river.
        When you make a plan for how to play a future street, then you should stick with it, unless something crazy happens, like villain makes an abnormally small or abnormally large bet. If villain makes a standard value bet, and your plan was to fold to a standard value-bet, then stick with the plan and fold.

        There's not a lot a hand analyser can say to help you to stick with your plans, but maybe seeing it in print will help you.

        Bracelet Winner


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          On the turn he isn't raising with a 2 pair, he either has a straight or a set (that he decided to play aggressively on the turn).
          It's really hard to fold since the only hands that beat you are A6s, 76s, 56s and 66.
          But those hands are more possible than a set, so find the power inside you and fold river.



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