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5NL 6-max Zoom KK

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom KK

    Hi, villain is unkown. The river is a check fold or a check call ? a lot of his range hits the river, so I decided to check fold Thanksumbup:

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    Hi fp,

    I don't hate a check/fold here as he will probably check down Jx, so it's probably slightly better than a check/call, but tbh I don't think either are close to the optimal play... which I think is to bet/fold.

    Villain is not unknown (back to reads again ). We have seen him play this hand, and I think need to incorporate that into our river assessment. Villain limp/calls UTG and calls flop and turn, he is probably somewhat loose-passive. Sure this isn't any kind of rock solid read, but it's far more likely than he's doing something elaborately tricky so we should go with it to help make the best possible decision. Obviously some straights get there and the flush gets there, J9 gets there. He's probably raises a river bet with the flush and straights, so we can comfortably fold. He probably calls with Jx, so we get value from worse hands when winning (instead of allowing him a free showdown which he will probably gladly take with Jx). There's got to be more worse 1 pairs on the river than flushes or straights, so bet again for value and comfortably fold to a raise. $1.05 is about right here imo, as it will always get paid by Jx, and is small enough to draw her calls from worse 1 pair hands like T9 or A8.
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      I would rather bet a small amount/fold river.
      If you check you leave room for him to bluff with smaller pairs, AcX.
      As played you must fold river most of the times.



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