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NL5FR CO v BB 5 bet

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  • NL5FR CO v BB 5 bet


    Villain 5 bets me here, iv only came across a 5 bet a small number of times,(do people 5 bet when 100bb deep?) so not exactly sure what range they have, can they be doing this light, or are they trying to get me to shove so they can call with AA, i think the 5 bet was a bit big ( not sure ) so they were prolly strong.

    no reads on this player he 3 bet me the orbit before tho, and this looked like a squeeze so wanted to see reaction to 4 bet.! ( 4 beting to $1.10 or ... maybe a bit beter? )
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    Hi taxed,

    I know I've said this before in some of your hands, and I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I would strongly recommend working on player observation and getting reads on villains (a HUD would be good but it's not the only way to get reads).

    I'm saying it again because you've just said in the same sentence:

    no reads on this player
    he 3 bet me the orbit before
    So you have at least 1 full orbit at the table with him (probably more is my guess) and should already have some kind of read... at the very least he's 3b you specifically once. What position? Anyone else in the pot? Anything unusual with the sizing? Has he been involved in any other pots yet or was that his only preflop activity? Any post flop play yet? Shown anything down? Etc etc... lots of potential info here.

    So to your ranging question, at 5NL a 5B from a non-maniac is generally a range of KK+ and AK, and heavily weighted towards AA most likely. I would fold to the 3B without reads but as played, definitely a good fold to the 5B imo.
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      ok iv cut down to 6 tables for moment and get ok reads, just not on new tables. but should have a new computer in next few weeks so i can get a HUD and proper hand evaluations



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