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10NL 6-max Zoom - Did I make a mistake with villain's implied odds on a flush draw

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom - Did I make a mistake with villain's implied odds on a flush draw

    Hi this is one of those maths things I don't understand, From mine and the villain's point of view.

    So no reads at a zoom table but...

    Did I make a mistake with the implied odds on a flush draw against my KK.

    Opponent has two overs, 2nd nut flush and a gutter and you can see the hand. I didn't know that at the time. So on the flop do I stack off 100% of the time?

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    This is almost a flip but you are ahead 2-3%.
    If villain check raises that much you can't really cold call because you are becoming committed so stacking off seems pretty standard, if you put villain on a flush draw, combo draw.
    If I was villain I would call, but by 3-betting he makes you fold any non-pair overcards so it is profitable for him to do that.
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      Hi Forrest,

      With a low stack to pot ratio created by the preflop action I think this is a stack off with KK unless our villain is a real nit (no reads though) and thus will be heavily weighted towards sets, but even without a read we can assume this isn't the case since a nit may not raise/call small pairs preflop (although if he did open for a raise here, he would probably call since P1 called as well).

      From villains perspective, he is trying to make you fold misses like AK and win right now (not a bad result, the pot contains 42BB's after your c-bet), and when he gets called he still has good equity as your range here is largely JJ+, which he's actually a slight fav against, 50.4%. IF you would 3B preflop with AQs (which is questionable to assume since you're unknown to him) then your stack off range also includes AhQh which cuts him to a small dog equity wise for stacks but adds 3 more card combos that fold to the check/raise, so it's not a big concern.
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        Thanks TheLangolier and GamblingProp, It's my bad I don't see all combos in my hand reading of a villain. Quite polarized thinking am I beat now, AA or set as 2 pair raising utg 76 unlikely, or is it one of those draws that villains shove with. The times I call they seem to hit that flush or oesd every time. And when I do it... I miss. The equity on both sides is not easily apparent to me. umbup:



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