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PLHE 1/2, two pair vs trips, where did I misplay this hand?

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  • PLHE 1/2, two pair vs trips, where did I misplay this hand?

    I have just finished this hand and it happens more often than I would like.. I think its a bad beat but want to confirm with the trainers.. I didnt intend to play this hand but I accidentally got checked into it..I dont have any info on the table, because I didnt see that many hands before I played this..

    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to GamblngTrkr [6h 4c]
    boyo1946: calls 2
    ermanojr: calls 2
    HtwnPkrMama: calls 1
    GamblngTrkr: checks
    ** Ok I was looking to see if anyone was gonna take a big swing at it before the flop.. they didnt, so i checked **

    *** FLOP *** [7d 7s 6c]
    HtwnPkrMama: checks
    GamblngTrkr: bets 8
    ** Looking at the flop I have a good pair I thought, so I bet the max trying to be aggressive and build the pot **
    boyo1946: calls 8
    ermanojr: calls 8

    *** TURN *** [7d 7s 6c] [2s]
    GamblngTrkr: bets 31
    ** Now after I bet (trying to stay on the offense) I realize its just me and ermanojr.. and with two pair, I figured hes just gonna have to beat me unless I can make him fold **
    ermanojr: raises 31 to 62
    GamblngTrkr: raises 31 to 93
    ** When he raised me, I still thought I had the better hand but in hindsight I should not have assumed it was a bluff.. so i stayed aggressive and tried to make him fold..**
    ermanojr: calls 31

    *** RIVER *** [7d 7s 6c 2s] [Ac]
    GamblngTrkr: bets 208
    ** This was the last swing I could take at him before it all ended.. lol.. when he called I knew I was in trouble but still hoped for a better hand **
    ermanojr: calls 153 and is all-in

    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    GamblngTrkr: shows [6h 4c] (two pair, Sevens and Sixes)
    ermanojr: shows [8h 7h] (three of a kind, Sevens)

    well, thats my analysis as I saw it.. I dont quite know how to take when people bet online.. was I too aggressive? Could I have played that any better? Do people bluff in online poker (I know I have) or should I just play the nuts? I do want to get better and I want to be more serious about it, but I have to play more and try to make better decisions.. Any help is appreciated..
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    Hi GT,

    I'm going to ask the mods to move this to the NLHE hand analysis forum, as pot limit is very close/similar to NL and not at all to fixed limit, so it's a better fit there.

    So in this hand, in short, yes I think you seriously overplayed it. On the flop it's actually fine to just check, and fold to any significant action. It's a 4 way pot and our 6-no kicker is very weak multi-way. Anyone who has a made hand that will continue vs. your bet is basically beating us, 6 with a better kicker or something stronger. Maybe someone gives a small bit of action with a hand like 33, but for worse hands that's about it.

    Leading the flop isn't terrible, but this is a good example of a reverse implied odds hand... meaning in addition to it being realistic that we are behind right now in a 4 way pot, when we ARE ahead, we are not likely to stay ahead by the river as so many cards can outdraw us.

    Our bet gets called by 2 players (where is the turn action from boyo1946? I assume they folded to your turn bet). Your thinking on the turn is really where you went astray here imo. "with 2 pair, he's just gonna have to beat me"... once your flop bet gets called in 2 places, it's fairly likely at least one of those is beating you already. Given that the turn card was a blank, and you might get some light flop calls, there is some merit to betting again. But, I would only follow up with about a half pot bet if I did, and fold to a raise.

    As played, you definitely need to fold on the turn. Yes players bluff online, sure, but this is not the betting line of a bluff, it's the betting line of a big hand (calling flop, raising turn). In addition, look at this situation from the villain's perspective... you got a free play in the blind and thus could hold anything. You potted a 776 board, got called in 2 spots, and potted again on the turn... a very strong line (certainly much stronger than your actual hand strength warrants). And he doesn't care, he's still raising. And min-raising, which is a bet sizing tell of a big hand when weaker players do it (they want to raise but are scared you'll fold, so they try to keep you in with the min-raise). I think the 87s is about the bottom of his range here. Just let it go.
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      thank you for moving it to its proper place and replying to it for me.. I just think I need to tighten up more and choose a better sword with which to be aggressive.. I have learned alot since I posted this.. I played a full ring sit and go and finished third, but since I live in the US, I cant play any of the real money games.. I am trying to get as good as I can before I go to Vegas for my birthday.. I enjoy all your trainings I have watched except that I am preparing for casino action and I get screwed up with the HUD info as I wont have anything like that in a live game.. but I will keep trying to get better.. see ya at the tables..




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