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Nl2 zoom, fold river bottom set?, quite dry board

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  • Nl2 zoom, fold river bottom set?, quite dry board

    Villain first hand, no info. On river only hands making sense are 1. moronic player, but his bet sizing was 'regular', 2. 74 for str 3. set of 6 (maybe T) 4. 2P - but he was too happy to raise AI and the day was really tight. Also he only called turn raise. I know that in theory i should go AI - I think, but really I can not find a hand i win.
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    Hi brave,

    Preflop call is good.

    On the flop I think we should be leading out. This does some good things for us... it may trap the other caller between us and the raiser, so we can get some extra money in if he's got anything. And the preflop raiser is less likely to c-bet air for us in a 3 way pot, so by leading we ensure that money goes in this round, and if the PFR has a big pair he may well raise us. This is a high stack to pot ratio spot, with .20c in the pot and $2 in the effective stack of the PFR, so letting a betting round go away without any money going in makes it pretty near impossible to get stacks in here.

    As played, calling his c-bet does the same thing, keeps the pot small in a situation where we want to build the pot. Raise this bet to about .25c.

    Turn bet is again weak, .10c into .36c. Good job raising now but tbh I think we're lucky he bets again after the weak flop lead.

    And yes, I would bet/call the river, not folding a set here. If he's got QQ or TT then he's getting a full double up from me. He doesn't have that much left so may decide to splash it in with a number of worse hands including strong 1 pairs and some 2 pair combos he can hold (QT, T8s, 65s are not impossible here).
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      River is definitely a call, he can shove as wide as QK there, thinking he is getting value from worse Qx hands.
      I can argue about either donking flop or check raising it, but I don't hate a call for trapping purposes.


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        Well, the point of just calling was 1. I wanted to keep Villain6 most likely a fish 2. CB was so weak I though he has A-hi or something like that.

        Dave I have bit hard time to figure out what you said about flop raise, I think it might be a new concept to me. I will give it some thought (and ask if I don't get it).

        I really thought he is weak, and congratulated myself to get any value out of him, but then he suddenly shoves. Good you are saying to call shove.
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