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Should I have played this differently?

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  • Should I have played this differently?

    $0.02/$0.04 FLH Hole Cards JdQd - I opened the betting and got two callers ad a pre flop raise from villian 2, I called the preflop raise to $0.04 along with villians 5&6. Flopp 5sKdtd - I had flopped and open ended straight draw a flush draw and royal flush draw so opened the betting with $0.02 Villians 5&6 FOLDED and Vilian 1 raised to $0.04 which I called Turn Ad - I had turned the nuts a Royal Flush, the expected $0.04 raise came from villian 2, so I waited the maximum time before just calling the raise (my reasoning being if I had re-raised I thought my hand would have been polarised -and I would have folded against my raise here) River 8d - Four cards to a Diamond flush on the board villian raised $0.04, I raised to $0.08 which after a long pause the villian called, to Muck AsTc vs My Royal Flush. Did I extract enough value from this hand? could/should I have played this differently?
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    Hi wanderer,

    Don't open limp, first in I would always fold or open for a raise. Limp would be ok behind other limpers, but first in I'd rather have the betting initiative.

    On the flop, I definitely like betting with the huge draw. I also think we should raise again when V2 check-raises. I don't think he's ever folding once he check-raises, but it may buy us a free card on the turn if he checks to us, which I'd take unimproved, and of course continue betting if we get there. And if he 4-bets the flop it's not a disaster since we have so much equity here anyway. In that case I'd just clal, and call turn (or raise if we get there).

    Well, the turn is a very nice card! I hear what you're saying regarding just calling, but I think it's a mistake to slow play. Firstly it does not polarize your range imo, players in FLHE would raise in your spot with KcJd for instance. Secondly, it's .02c-.04c FLHE, the chances villain is ranging you to this degree is small... it's probably more likely villain thinks polarized means being eaten by a white bear at the north pole than you hold only bluffs or monsters when you raise. And lastly, his range is fairly strong here as well, quite a bit of 2 pair+, and we really want to maximize our value in case a scary card comes off on the river and freezes him. If he's got KT, 55, QJ, or 3d4d, how's he going to like the 8d river? Not so much. But he'll probably cap the turn with you in a bunch of these spots. So not raising loses value for sure here.

    As evidence, the villain bet/called the river with only 2 pair after the 4th diamond came. Guarantee he was capping the turn in light of this.
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      Let me summarize what dave is saying.
      Raise, raise, bet and raise and obviously raise.
      I agree with that approach.



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