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10NL zoom facing big river donk

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  • 10NL zoom facing big river donk

    Ok, haven't been on here for a while but have been busy with real life stuff. Back to the poker more seriously now and this hand confused me, which isn't hard sometimes!! Villian is completely unknown, this is the first hand I have played against him. Raise pre, obviously, cbet flop for value, he can call with worse jacks maybe smaller pairs and flush draws, bet turn also for value again, nothing really changed so he can still call with plenty worse but then he donks river for almost pot and I hate life! I think this is nuts or bluff time and having no history with him I usually default to folding in these situations. Whatever he is doing this with its a narrow range of both nuts and bluffs given how dry the board is. I basically put him on 77 or 22 which I think he can have if we assume he waited to see if the turn was a flush card. The question is, why bet so much on the river? I have shown strength on 2 streets so I obviously have something but maybe he wasn't sure I would bet it on the river so went for max value like some people do, scared of losing out in case I check. Anyway, love to know what you guys think, nice to be back, hope to be posting more in the near future.

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    On the flop sets are part of his range, but I think the majority of the times he will raise them.
    So when he calls I put him on a flush draw, combo draw there or Jx, 7A.
    On the turn he calls again when the board pairs, so that means he probably has made a full or he is drawing with the nut flush draw.
    Maybe sometimes he would call with just a Jx but not that often.
    On the river his pot-sized bet looks a lot more like a value bet rather than a bluff.
    I would call river just for curiosity although I am pretty sure he has A2 of clubs.
    Overall folding seems optimal unless you think villain is tricky.


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      It could be a busted draw here but looks more for value as prop says. Tempted to call but fold is probably the best move.

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        I like the idea of A2 of clubs, could spot on. I did think he would probably raise sets on the flop but there are plenty of players that will wait and see what the turn is. Is he one of those players? Who knows, certainly not me lol. I don't really beat anything apart from a bluff and without any info I think a fold is best. No matter how curious I might be I'm really just a nit anyway and hero calling has lost me plenty in the past!

        Thanks guys!


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          Hi deuces,

          Nice to see you back!

          I agree his range seems polarized here, but it may not be. The trouble is with no reads we just don't know. I disagree that he can't have many Jx hands, I think we do get check-called twice by Jx unless the villain is a strong or nitty player, and at this stake level I'd assume generally we are getting called more often than not. The real question is would he then bet the river with a hand like QJ. I don't think it makes a lot of sense to, but you will se it. I'd think he'd bet more like $2.50-$3 with QJ to try and get paid by TT or hero called by AK.

          Given that he's played his hand like a draw the whole way, and quite possible needs to bluff to win, I'd probably look him up tbh. Maybe I'm being too stationy here. The Ac2c and 77/22 certainly make sense for villains line as well, but he would sometimes raise those earlier in the hand or go for a check/raise jam on the river as your remaining stack is nice for this play to stack you if you have AJ+. And it's really hard to hold those, 1 combo of 22, 1 of Ac2c, and 3 of 77. There's more than 5 busted flush draw combos in his range... AQc, maybe AKc, ATc, A9c, A8c, A6-A3c, KQc, KcTc, QcTc, T9c, T8c, 98c. A good 15 combos of busted flush draws here, plus the occasional Jx, there's enough doubt present for me.

          And either way, this unusual line should provide a nice read going forward.
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