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2Nl 2 pair on flop in 5 way pot.

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  • 2Nl 2 pair on flop in 5 way pot.

    Villain one very tight passive Villain three loose passive Villian 4 tight passive villain 8 Tag with th epot size bet I'm thinking Kx+ from villain 5 so what the best play? raise here or flat and hope to bring in the others? Thanks Grade b
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    Raise to 30c or so. You do not want multiple players being priced in to call with draws. Top two pairs is a strong hand, but it's vulnerable to straights and flushes (although the latter isn't an immediate worry on this flop). Seizing the initiative with a raise will thin the field and gives you more control over the size of pot you play.
    Villain 4 isn't playing the hand, so I presume it's V5 that is the nit. I would expect him to have KQ quite often, but his PSB can also be a set of 2s trying to get maximum value. If he 3-bets the flop, you probably have to fold, as you're drawing to 4 outs if he has a set.
    As a general rule, I avoid making plays that "bring in the others". That's akin to slow-playing, and if villains suck out, you have no one to blame but yourself. If villains want to chase gutshots, charge them for doing so, by raising for value.
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      Hi Grade b,

      Rather than limp behind pre I'd prefer to raise the limpers in position here. They are likely limping a lot of hands we dominate in the broadway category, and the hands that are ahead of us now like Axs and small pairs, play poorly OOP without initiative. I would make it like .12-.14c here, the tight-passive guy will fold a lot, and the LP one will call a fair bit, but check-fold flops that don't hit him often enough that we should show an immediate profit. Plus we are in position and sometimes flop best vs. 2nd best. Like vs. JT on a J53 flop.

      I'm confused on the reads, I think you mean the villain leading is the loose passive one but not sure since you've given reads for villain 1, 3, 4, and 8 but the villains in the hand are 1, 3, 5, 9.

      At any rate, I would always raise here, we don't really want someone taking a cheap turn with a gut shot as they probably stack us if they hit, or at least they get paid handsomely before we figure it out, and we will get action from the lead bettor's big K's and draws anyway.
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        TY both,

        of course I just called !!! and they all folded anyway so I guess I lucked out a bit there.

        Right head back into the game. (well after baseball)

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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