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2nl Cash Game 66

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  • 2nl Cash Game 66

    Hi, Please could you analyse my hand below. I really don't know what to make of this. I think I probably played this badly This is all I have on villain VPIP/PFR/AG = 14/2/3 Cheers, pullin1988
    Last edited by pullin1988; Wed Jul 31, 2013, 01:50 AM.

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    Hi pullin You could play against a passive player who calls a lot, by betting the flop turn and river. You would have invested more money and have to fold to a raise on the river. What beats you? A better pair. I think it's basically a cooler no matter how you play it. The HA peeps may suggest a better line than mine either way you lost the minimum. umbup:


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      Hi pullin,

      I'm definitely betting the flop. We have an overpair to the board that is likely to be best now, but is extremely vulnerable, so we bet for value now before overcards come.

      As played, we are calling the turn; we can beat 5x, 44, 22 and random stabs.
      OTR however, it might be a fold since we have little hands that we beat given that it is unlikely villain would be bluffing in that spot and hard for him to be value betting 22/44.


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        Yeah, I thought that I should have bet the flop.

        Cheers for analysis.



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          You have to bet the flop. You were the pre-flop raiser and should be c-betting almost every flop when this player checks to you. Your hand is is the weakest overpair, and you can't let hands like AQ take a free card to improve. I think vilain will have a pocket pair most of the time, so if he calls on the flop, I'd shut down, as you're only beating 44/22 but are crushed by 55/33 and 77+.
          If you'd bet the flop, the hand would likely have played out quite differently, but as played, I'd fold the turn. You're not beating anything but overcards, and I think this guy wouldn't bet without a made hand.
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            Hi pullin,

            Definitely bet the flop, we have the best hand more often than not here and will get called by any worse pairs, any draw including gut shots, and maybe peeled by big cards and ace highs once, so betting for value against these hands and to protect our equity with a vulnerable holding is essential.

            As played, I would call the river bet... he may bet again with all worse hands that stabbed the turn since there's a full house on board and he thinks we might have just ace high and fold, and he might chop anyway if we don't fold.
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